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DIY Cardboard Rocket Launcher Toy Pink Stripey Socks

Apparently we've reached the stage where Chuck likes pretending to shoot things... and people.  (Ack.  Is this common  I'm assuming so... )  So I thought it would be fun to somehow make a toy that would actually shoot things, like a catapult or a slingshot.  We always seem to have cardboard rolls lying around, so I built this cardboard roll rocket launcher toy.  Then, we had a BLAST playing with it! Get it  Rocket launcher  Blast Like blast off   Hee hee hee... wah wah wah.

(Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support.) 

This rocket launcher toy uses rubber bands and cardboard rolls to shoot aluminum foil balls.  It's so powerful that we can actually shoot a ball across our (small) patio... whoa, right  Since the balls are made from aluminum foil, they don't hurt. So you could create several launchers, shoot each other, and then not worry about anyone getting hurt.  Excellent, right Keep on reading to build your own rocket launcher and see other cool DIY toys that you can make and play with your little one.
  • 2 Cardboard Rolls (One thicker one, one thinner one- we used a paper towel roll and an aluminum foil one)
  • Cereal box
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Aluminum Foil
  • 3 Rubber Bands
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Optional:

1. Cover your work area.  Paint your two cardboard rolls. (To help them dry nicely, I stuck two skewers into a Styrofoam block.  Then, I just let the painted cardboard rolls dry on the skewers.) 2.  Take your thinner cardboard roll and trace it onto a cereal box.  Cut out the circle and hot glue it onto one end of your tube.  (Alternatively, you could just use masking tape to cover the opening.  I just did it this way to make it look nicer.)  You need this end closed to hit your ball. 3.  Punch two holes (across from each other) in one end of both tubes. (Punch holes in the open end of the smaller tube.) 4.  Loop rubber bands through the larger tube's holes. 5.  Place the smaller tube inside of the larger tube.  Then, string the rubber bands through the smaller tube's holes. 6.  Use a third (red) rubber band to tie both rubber bands together. 7.  Trim your third rubber band and crumple up some aluminum foil balls. 1.  Load your rocket launcher.  Place the aluminum foil ball inside the open end of the large tube. 2.  Then, pull back on the smaller tube and let go to shoot the aluminum foil balls.

Here are some photos from our inaugural attempt:

(Doesn't Chuck look super excited to try it out)

Load it, pull it back, let go, and watch your aluminum balls fly!

Chuck doesn't always like all of my crafted toys, so I was really happy that he liked this one so much.  He even requested to play it for the next couple of days.  (Oh yeah, and if you're our neighbor, sorry for sending a ball over the fence FaceBook Hacing


Happy launching, fellow maker moms! 

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Jack Estes

5.0 out of 5 starsVery fun, well made, but slightly overpriced for what you get. Still, I love it.

May 25, 2015

Yeah, it's a little overpriced and it serves very few practical purposes, but this thing is too much fun in cube wars. I bought it because I could control it via usb commands with our network operations center monitoring software to automatically shoot darts at the help desk guys if they were asleep at the wheel, failing to respond to alerts quickly enough. It does work exactly as advertised. I'm surprised at the range and accuracy after a very short learning curve. My only complaint, and it wasn't enough to warrant even removing one star, is that it doesn't come with software to manually control it. You have to go to the dream cheeky website, give them your email address, then receive a link via email to download the fire control software (which is *very* lightweight, btw) I love the thing. Virtual DJ Pro 7 Serial

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