Attivare Office 2010 crack e procedura con Toolkit e EZ . Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator 2 2 3

What article

Office 2010 Toolkit Activator helps you to activate your Microsoft Office. Microsoft office 2010 is the most outstanding program for any Windows computer but It is not free to use. There are million computer users who are using Office 2010 in their computer or laptop. Without office activated version, you can enjoy premium features. SO, you need to use office toolkit for activating your Office 2010.

Office 2010 Toolkit is a useful application for activation all of Microsoft products specially Office 2010. If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 free version on your system, and want to make register version, you can use this toolkit. It will help you to run your Microsoft Office with all premium features.

What is Office 2010 Toolkit

It is a robust set of kits. Users tend to utilize it for managing, licensing, deploying any software. Mainly it is used for activating all versions of Office and Windows. It works well with all versions of Windows and office program activation. This tool is also best for all the Office edition activation for free. It needs the version of Office 2010 Toolkits. It works great with both Windows and Office activation. The toolkit has the capacity of installing both windows and office.

Why should you use the toolkit

Office kit is a perfect combination of any activators. The modules provide a complete activation algorithm. They are built in with the toolkit. It also supports a manually call activation method. You just have to click phone button. You will get the 12-digit code through Skype. Then put the code where it is necessary. It comes with two activation methods. One is Auto KMS, and another is EZ activator. All windows lover knows the details about the KMS developers. KMS developers are number one activation provider in the world now. The DAZ team develops the EZ activator module. It is the same team who developed the windows loader. After reading this, you can get the overall idea about this application.

Features of office 2010 toolkit

There are several features of office toolkit that you can make use of and enjoy sheer benefit all along. Although there are plenty of features, but we will be just focusing on the most significant one’s here.

Supports Different OS

  • Office 2010 toolkit runs both on 32 and 64 bit Operating System
  • It gets launched as .exe file for what it can perform as an independent application.

Activation Power

  • It can activate the latest version of Microsoft Office Tool, MS Word, Excel, and so forth.
  • The activation power has no limit and you can use it to eternity.
  • It supports KMS PID with five-digit code
  • Carried enhanced FAUCET Drivers

Minimal Size and Usability

  • Very lightweight program, so that the system does not feel any pressure.
  • It’s very easy and simple to use for normal user
  • Supports minimal manual effort is needed
  • Contains Offline and Online modules.

Superb Program with no Cutback

  • It is 100% virus free.
  • The application does not force the system to make any alteration to any other apps.

Although the Microsoft Office 2010 is a very common application to many users. However, if you do not know the proper installation method all along, you may end up in messing up with the whole operating system. So, it is better to learn how to download and set that program in your PC.

Download: Mirror Link

How to Install it

Check the following points then.

  • At, search for the Office 2010 Toolkit in the web and download the latest version from a trustworthy source.
  • You will find them as a Zip format.
  • Format the whole file and extract the files properly in your desktop.
  • Now open the installer file and run that down
  • Select Windows Office.
  • Now, tab on the button said Account Activation Button, and wait.
  • Activation is complete and start using it with the best effort.

This tool is not harmful to your PC. It is best for any software and hardware. For the correct installation, you can use virus total for checking. This tool uses a unique silent install module. It provides the best algorithms for your system. After using it, you can have the premium version of Windows and office. Office Toolkit is really an immense activator for any user.

Final Words

Additionally, you can also use other tools like KMSPico. If you need any assistance regarding Office 2010 Toolkit, feel free to ask us via the comment box below. If you find it is helpful, please share the post with everyone who needs it. It is not a fake activator. You can find it on the Internet. It offers a lifetime authentic activation for you. You can use it without facing errors for any activation Instagram for Windows

Attivare Office 2010 crack e procedura con Toolkit e EZ .

发布时间:2015-04-12  来源:Office办公助手

Office 2010激活的方法很多,但推荐使用本站亲测,可永久使用的五种方法,随便使用哪一种,一个不行就换另外一个。基本上只要Office 2010正常安装了,下面五种方法的任何一种都可以正常激活。

1、Office 2010简体中文版三步破解激活方法(适用于Office2010)

2、Toolkit 一键激活Office 2010方法及Toolkit工具下载(适用于Office2010)

3、KMSpico激活Office 2013图文教程与KMSpico最新版下载(适用于Office2010、Office2013)


5、小马KMS8 V3.1最新版_小马office软件激活工具(适用于Office2010、Office2013)

不过还是建议在使用KMS激活之前,先去最新Office激活密钥 ,看看有没有最新的Office MAK激活密钥

本文主要讲解一下使用Toolkit一键激活Office 2010的方法。

Office 2010 Toolkit是一个简单的好用的MS Office2010激活工具。office2010密钥生成器原理就是利用KMS来激活,不是新的激活技术:( 180天后必须手工再次激活一次。网上流传的MAK密钥激活甚称完美,但有次数限制,激活后要备份激活信息,以便重装系统恢复激活。Office2010 Toolkit也有备份激活信息功能,建议下载一个Office 2010 Toolkit备用。激活时间是180天,180天过后再重新运行次工具又是一个180天。

Office 2010 Toolkit 是一款 对Office 2010 进行破解激活的一款工具,使用它可一键激活 Office Pro Plus 2010软件虽小,但功能却非常的强大,不过值得注意的是,必须是VOL版本才可以实现激活。VOL是大客户专版,微软为一些大客户专门定制的版本,可以在安装是无需输入激活码,这是Office 2010可以实现激活的前提,所以建议还是下载本站提供的Office 2010官方下载的版本。

Office 2010 Toolkit使用方法

1、首先安装好Office 2010,如果还没下载的可以去本站下载Office 2010官方正式版。

2、下载Office 2010 Toolkit工具(在本站的Office 2010下载压缩包里),可以得到Office 2010 Toolkit 2.1.4.exe这个程序,如下图所示。

3、右击以管理员身份运行“Office 2010 Toolkit”。

4、会出现如下界面,在“Main”主菜单选项,点击下面的“EZ-Activator”按钮,就会自动检测安装的Office 2010所有版本并实现自行激活。

5、下面的对话框会出现很多很多的文字,别管他了。。我也不懂啥意思,大概1分钟左右,会出现如下图所示的“Office was successfully actived”,这就说明你的Office 2010已经激活了。

6、重新打开Office 2010,查看激活状态你会发现已经激活了。

最新版Microsoft Toolkit V2.5 Beta5 绿色版使用方法:

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.绿色版是一款免费的Windows8激活工具和Office2010/2013激活工具,由国外大神CODYQX4制作。


运行Microsoft Toolkit,点击界面右下角的Office图标进入Office Toolkit界面,上面选择Activator,点击EZ-Activator进行激活 Office2013;

点击Windows图标进入Windows Toolkit界面,上面选择Activator,点击EZ-Activator进行激活Windows8系统。

Win7系统需要先安装 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0。



Office2010官方下载 免费完整版|Office 2010官方简体中文版下载


1、Office 2010简体中文版三步破解激活方法(适用于Office2010)

2、Toolkit 一键激活Office 2010方法及Toolkit工具下载(适用于Office2010)

3、KMSpico激活Office 2013图文教程与KMSpico最新版下载(适用于Office2010、Office2013)


5、小马KMS8 V3 Avast! Antivirus Pro 7 - key


Office 2010(Office 2010 Toolkit) v2.3.2

POST ACTUALIZADO¿Probaste mil formas de activar Office 2010 y ninguna te funcionó

Office 2010 Toolkit es un conjunto de programas desarrollado para poder activar cualquier edición de Office 2010 para siempre. Sólo necesitamos apretar un botón y listo.

Esta es la última versión. Es una versión final, NO ES BETA.

Como podrán ver funciona a la perfección.

Además convierte tu copia de Retail a KMS (la que se puede activar para siempre) con sólo apretar el botón EZ-Activator

Compatible con todas las versiones de Windows con las cuales Office 2010 es compatible.

Nota: algunos antivirus pueden dar falsos positivos al intentar activar. Sólo hay que incluir las advetencias a la lista de excepciones del antivirus, éste programa es totalmente seguro. Probado y funcionando.

Además permite desinstalar Office 2003, 2007 y 2010

¿Como usar este programa

Solamente lo tenés que abrir y apretar el botón EZ-Activator y esperar a que el programa haga el resto.


Versión actualizada (funciona en todas las PC)

Te recomendamos que descargues esta versión. En Windows XP requiere FrameWork 3.5.

En Windows 7 no requiere de ningún programa extra, funciona de manera nativa y sin nigún problema.

Versión anterior (por si la más nueva no funciona bien en tu computadora):


Versión todavía más antigüa (por si las otras versiones no te funcionan):


Descargas exclusivas para Windows XP:

Atención: si tuvieron problemas con el activador y recibieron el error "unable to find a version of the runtime to run this aplication" sobre todo si usan Windows XP y tienen instalado FrameWork 4 descarguen esta versión más reciente que es compatible sólo con FrameWork 4 

FrameWork 4 para Windows XP:

Obligatorio para que el activador funcione en Windows XP, además en XP necesitás ésta versión del activador para que funcione, en Windows 7 no es necesario. The Plan - The Plan

ar/FrameWork4 (49MB)

 Si les quedan dudas o sugerencias por favor dejen sus comentarios! Gracias por pasar!

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Windows 10 and Office Activator .

Здесь можно скачать Microsoft Office 2010 с ключом:

microsoft office 2010 бесплатная версия Офисного пакета программ от Microsoft всегда нужный набор для работы с текстами любой сложности будь то таблица или простой текстовый формат.

Microsoft office - самая популярная программа для работы с текстовой документацией, создания расчетных таблиц, и просмотра презентаций. Программа имеет большой спрос на рынке офисныхпродукций, одна из ключевых программ на вашем ПК. Каждый пользователь компьютера не может обойтись без office.

Также не обошлось без серьезных переработок таких как например скорость открытия документа стала на много быстрее. обновления приходят с ос windows все обновления поступают в режиме реального времени.

Таблетка в архиве с инсталятором.

Скачать microsoft office 2010 русская версия:

пакет office на русском скачать, в архиве кряк активатор Office 2010 Toolkit 2.0.0.exe если не пойдет качайте активатор с набором ключей.

Вес: 625мб

Активаторы офиса тут

скачать microsoft office 2010 ключи

в архиве набор ключей активации в txt

Вес: 121 кб

Если вам не нужны дополнительные пакеты а к примеру только Word 2010 и Excel 2010 то есть возможность по отдельности скачать также на русском и не требуют активации. Все это добро скачать можно тут.

Для сомневающихся. Сканирование архива на предмет вирусов.

И еще одно пожелание, каждый кто качает от сюда эти пакеты вы счастливчики так как через поиск нашли этот сайт, но есть одно но другие могут и не найти так как может поступить жалоба на не лицензированное программное обеспечение Windows 7 Manager 4 1 8 CORE

И в место этой страницы в поисковике будет так (Скриншот) По этому Делитесь в соц сетях каждый кто сюда зайдет кнопки находятся ниже! Если только вы не эгоист!

Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.2 Final (Windows Office .

Microsoft Toolkit Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.2 Final the windows Office Activator is a set tool for managing licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office and also Windows including all versions 7/8/8.1/10. You can download the tool for free with direct download in our site IZOFILE.

Microsoft ToolKit has special validation module that helps you to make your Microsoft Office packages run better if they are copied or pirated versions of the original. It is a free toolkit that empowers the users to manage, license, install, and also activate all the editions of Microsoft Windows and MS office. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 will surely make your MS Office packages run better than the pirated or copied version of original.

Finally the toolkit is totally safe for PCs hardware and software. It is free from malware, virus, and phishing files. You can use an anti-virus to check, in case of doubts. The tool makes use of best algorithms and silent install modules.


  • Two in one activation
  • Two in one is one tool do two work which is activate MS windows 8.1 and MS office.
  • Offline and also Online activator modules.
  • Lifetime activation
  • 64-bit system support
  • Any windows and MS office version support
  • 100% clean and virus free
  • Auto KMS and also EZ activator modules

Whats New:

  • Added Windows Server 2016 Azure Core KMS Key.
  • Fixed invalid KMS PID Generation on Windows 10/Server 2016.
  • Updated WinDivert Driver.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0-4.6
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or Later for Office Toolkit Support
  • Windows Vista or Later for Windows Toolkit Support

Download Microsoft Toolkit 2016

Download Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 GSA Search Engine Ranker

2 Final (Windows Office Activator)

Read more Программа Microsoft Toolkit для Windows бесплатно, скачать Microsoft Toolkit на русском,Office 2013 Toolkit And EZ activator is a professional utility software that enables you to activate Microsoft products. office toolkit 2013,About Microsoft Toolkit. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 is a most trusted activator used to activate Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. Until this time it has a number .

Read more utilissimo grazie Office 2010 Toolkit lo dovuto scaricare altrove visto che nuovamente offline il link pero funziona lo stesso.,пакет office на русском скачать, в архиве кряк активатор Office 2010 Toolkit 2.0.0.exe если не пойдет .,Office 2013 Toolkit And EZ activator is a professional utility software that enables you to activate Microsoft products. office toolkit 2013

Read more Программа Microsoft Toolkit для Windows бесплатно, скачать Microsoft Toolkit на русском,Microsoft Toolkit Activator for Windows Office Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Activator is used to activate Windows or Office permanently. It also allows you to enable all .,POST ACTUALIZADO Probaste mil formas de activar Office 2010 y ninguna te funciono Office 2010 Toolkit es un conjunto de programas desarrollado para poder activar .

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