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Next Add a touch of Jackson Pollock to your design work with these realistic dripping-paint brushes for Adobe Photoshop. I've always been a fan of realistic paint brushes .,Photoshop 1.Sponge Brushes. .,360 Free Valentine’s Day Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures! Posted by ali in Featured, Inspiration | 44 comments. Love is in the air!…Or is it

Next Photoshop 1.Sponge Brushes. .,Share on: Stumble Upon Delicious. Here are a bunch of Adobe Illustrator brushes. These are the first set of Illustrator brushes that I am releasing.,This graphic design pack is filled with 50 different types of glowing light streaks. Available in two different formats, Photoshop Brushes and JPEG images.

Next This is a photoshop panel that can bulk export layers/layer groups/selected layers and all objects to jpg/png/svg/gif format, and also rename layers.,Update: Most versions of Photoshop now allow drag and drop install of TPL files (see here) Custom Photoshop brushes such as the GrutBrushes natural dynamic Photoshop .,Share on: Stumble Upon Delicious. Here are a bunch of Adobe Illustrator brushes. These are the first set of Illustrator brushes that I am releasing.

This graphic design pack is filled with 50 different types of glowing light streaks. Available in two different formats, Photoshop Brushes and JPEG images. The images have full color intact as well as larger dimensions making them more versatile. The great thing about the brushes is they have a transparent background. You choose your format or download both of them.
As with all of our resources, personal and commercial use is welcomed and encouraged!

Mini Tutorial – How to Add Color to the Images

1. Open one of the images in Photoshop.
2. Create a New Layer and Fill it with a colorful gradient.
3. Change the layers blending mode to Overlay.

Mini Tutorial – Obtain Maximum Glow with PS Brushes

1. Choose a Brush from our Lighting Effects Brush Pack
2. Create a New Layer and select a very vibrant color.
3. Click once to lay down the pixels of the lighting effect brush.
3. Duplicate the layer and add a Color Overlay of White.
You can then add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer to play with the colors.

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10 Free Photoshop Smoke Brushes for Dreamy or Dramatic .

On this page of our ultimate free Photoshop brushes collection, you’ll find a wide range of natural and nature-inspired resources to add realism and depth to your artwork. 

From Photoshop brushes to help you draw people (think: hair, skin and eyelashes) to brushes for drawing weather (cloud Photoshop brushes, snow, rain and lightening), landscapes (trees, grass, flowers) and water, you’ll find nearly every nature-inspired brush you can think of on this page. And the best part These Photoshop brushes are all free.

Photoshop brushes for hair and fur

18. Hair brush set

  • Designer: para-vine
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Create realistic hair effects with this set of free Photoshop brushes. Mix them together for extra variety and to create different effects. This set comes courtesy of digital artist para-vine, aka Lee Alex Pearce.

19. Hair brushes set 1

  • Designer: Falln-Stock
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use if you credit the designer

Great for providing touch-ups on model photography, this set of free Photoshop brushes includes detailed textured hair in a variety of falling styles. As well as straight styles, there are brushes for creating wavy hair and tight ringlets.

Skin Photoshop brushes

20. 11 Human skin Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: env1ro
  • Usage: Free for personal use; contact env1ro about commercial use

There are 11 texture-like tools in this collection of free Photoshop brushes for painting human skin. Polish artist env1ro, who created them, says they’re compatible with Photoshop PS7 and upwards, and they’re “great for retouching and make-up”. 

21. Skin Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: Marta Dahlig
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Freelance Polish artist and illustrator Marta Dahlig has been creating digital brushes for years. She specialises in portraits, and her set of skin Photoshop brushes is an amazing boost to any digital artist's armoury.

22. Eyelash Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: eriikaa
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use with a credit

DeviantArt user eriikaa has shared 22 free Photoshop brushes for drawing eyelashes at different stages of the eyes being open or closed. She asks for a credit if you use them, and to let her know if – and how – you use them. 

Weather and cloud Photoshop brushes

23. Cloud Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: Sklar113
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

We can’t tell you much about these free Photoshop brushes for drawing clouds by Deviant Art user Sklar113 – being that most of his page is written in Russian – but the mock-up images look fantastic. Most importantly, the commentary below the download link is full of happy users, so we’d recommend taking a look if you’re struggling with clouds.  

24. High res clouds Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: FudgeGraphics
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This is a really useful set of 17 Photoshop brushes for creating clouds. Each features a different cloud design that can be used to make light work of cloud-based sky scenes in your images. The brushes are between 2300px to 2500px, making them ideal for both print and web projects. 

25. 8 Cloud Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: Brusheezy
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use, with a credit

This pack contains eight different cloud brushes, all high-res. Use them to add some weather effects to your digital artwork. There's a commercial licence included so you can use them in your marketing materials if you so wish – just make sure you follow the attribution instructions on the page.

26. Snow Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: Brusheezy
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use, with a credit

Add a chill to your designs with a flurry of snow. This pack of free Photoshop brushes contains 15 effects, which you can mix up to create realistic variation in your scene. Again, make sure you follow the attribution instructions on the download page if you use them commercially.

27. Rain Photoshop brushes

  • Designer: amorphisss
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Rain is notoriously tricky to draw and paint. That’s where these fantastic free rain Photoshop brushes from Deviant Art user amorphisss come in. There are four brushes in this set, and for each you can determine which way the rain is falling, and use the Motion Blur filter to emphasise the motion effect. 

28. Lightning strikes

  • Designer: SparkleStock
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Electrify your work with this collection of stunning lightning strikes. Tileable and available not only as Photoshop brushes but also as patterns and JPEG images, there are 18 to choose from in this set – all free.

Landscape Photoshop brushes

29. Environment brushes

  • Designer: Sylar113
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Deviant Art user Sylar113 has shared this collection of free Photoshop brushes for painting environmental features – some have been made by her; some by other artists. You’ll find leaves, grass and all kinds of handy brushes for creating landscape features in your work.

30. Tree Photoshop brushes: borders

These brushes are perfect for trees

  • Designer: ForestGirl
  • Usage: Free for personal only

This is a nice set of Photoshop brushes that enable you to introduce tree and bush silhouettes to the edges of your composition. DeviantArt user ForestGirl, aka Julia Popova, asks for a link to any personal work you use them in.

31. Leaf brushes

  • Designer: jschill
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Great for creating organic textured background, this set of Photoshop brushes for drawing leaves features seven isolated leaf images with intricate details and textures. They're free for personal and commercial use but make sure you attribute them according to the Creative Commons guidelines – you'll find full details on the Brusheezy site. 

32. Grass or fur brushes

  • Designer: s1088
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This set of 10 brushes is ideal for adding grassy details to your Photoshop paintings. There's a variety of styles to choose from, so you can create everything from scrubby dry patches of grass to lush meadows. A bonus tip from the creator is that if you switch up the colours, they also make great fur. 

33. Nature silhouettes

There are 19 free nature Photoshop brushes in this pack

  • Designer: pinkonhead
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This is a really useful set of 19 different nature silhouettes, each featuring a different plant, ranging from trees to grasses. They're free for personal and commercial use, but the designer says that any references back to her website would be highly appreciated.

34. Environment brushes

  • Designer: Syntetyc
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This massive set of free Photoshop brushes should have you covered for all your environment painting needs. All are high-res, and all are specifically suited for creating realistic natural environments in Photoshop.

35. Fire brushes

  • Designer: Niño Batitis
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Digital artist Niño Batitis has been kind enough to release 13 high-quality Photoshop fire brushes for free. Perfect for firey art projects, these will allow you to experiment with flames, characters and landscapes.

Water Photoshop brushes

36. Water brushes vol. 4

  • Designer: Webdesigner Lab
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

There are 20 high-res water Photoshop brushes in this pack, including splashes, spills, ripples and water drops. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above, these realistic water tools aren't the only free Photoshop brushes released by this designer. He also has three other popular sets of water effect brushes, so if you can't find what you want in this pack, check out the others using the link above. 

Assorted effects

37. Feathers and birds

  • Designer: Discopada
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use, with a credit

There’s a total of 12 individual Photoshop brushes for drawing birds and feature effects in this pack from DeviantArt user Discopada. Each brush comes with a stand-alone piece of artwork, ranging from detailed feather illustrations to whimsical birds-on-a-branch.

38. Simple fabric brushes

Add some natural surfacing to your work

  • Designer: Bitbox
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Straightforward fabric textures, these free Photoshop brushes are high resolution (2500×2500) – so they're great for use in both print and web. You can use them to add some natural surfacing to your work Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 0 5 Multilingual


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Lighting Effects Pack – 50 Free Brushes and Images Media .

Here are a bunch of Adobe Illustrator brushes. These are the first set of Illustrator brushes that I am releasing. I was excited to put them together. If you find them useful, all I ask in return is that you leave a comment, tweet or otherwise spread the word about this post.

How I created these Illustrator brushes

I made these Illustrator brushes using a permanent marker on paper, then scanned them in at 600dpi. If you want to make sketchy brushes yourself, I would recommend trying paint brushes. And if you do, share them in comments below – we would be glad to feature them in a post.

Download free Illustrator brushes pack

Download source Illustrator file (.ai, 1mb)

You can use them for personal and commercial projects, but resell/redistribution is not allowed Premium Windows 8 Activator

!Photoshop70ferret []

Creating posters with Photoshop can be a lot of fun and there are unlimited opportunities. In these tutorials, you’ll learn some new ways to enhance your Photoshop skills while creating posters for all kinds of purposes. A lot of different styles of design are represented, and each one takes a different approach to get to the end result. You can follow some of the tutorials step-by-step, or browse them and find parts that you want to use in your own design projects. Either way, you’re sure to be able to learn some new skills and techniques if you’re interested in improving at Photoshop and poster design. Amazing poster designs are created by creating multiple layers, customizing and managing each layer properly to achieve the desired results.

In our daily life, we come across a wide range of posters and advertisements promoting different businesses in a unique way. The poster must be eye-catching and deliver the useful information to the people.

Design a Gorgeous Geisha Art Poster in Photoshop

This poster has an awesome textured watercolor effect that looks great and is pretty easy to accomplish. You will be using the brush tool to paint some colors. You will create new layers and use multiple tools and effects.

Create an 80s Style Poster Design with GoMedia

This is a beautiful space-themed design that could be used for a variety of different purposes. You will practice adding different geometrical figures and different photoshop customizations allow you to create an overwhelmingly beautiful poster design.

How to Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Easy Steps

Another space-themed retro design with some nice light effects.

Design a Quick and Easy Indie Rock Gig Poster

This tutorial shows the process of designing a beautiful poster to promote a band’s gig.

Design a Retro Inspired Sci-Fi Film Poster

This space-themed poster design can be created rather easily by following along with this tutorial.

How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Poster in Photoshop

Learn how to create this awesome poster with a lot of color and abstract design elements.

Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Photoshop and Illustrator

This tutorial covers the process of using both Photoshop and Illustrator to create this poster design. You will learn to draw different geometrical shapes and then customize them nicely.

Creating an Old Collage Effect Poster

This tutorial leads you through the process of creating an awesome poster with a great sunburst background. This type of approach could be used for creating posters for a wide variety of purposes.

Gig Poster Design (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

A nice textured, grungy poster is the result of this tutorial. Again, a sunburst background is used.

Create a 60’s Psychedelic Style Concert Poster

This retro poster would fit right in with actual gig posters from the 60’s.

Create an Inspirational Vector Political Poster (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

Inspired by the Obama campaign, this poster tutorial shows you the process to duplicate the popular style.

Quick Grungy Poster

This textured poster has a retro feel thanks to the color scheme and the lines.

Create a Constructivist Inspired Poster

With this tutorial, you’ll use images, textures, text, and colors to create the sample poster design. Nice techniques that you can use to design other posters as well.

B Movie Post Art

B-Movie posters have their own unique look and feel, and this tutorial shows how to duplicate it.

Photoshop Indiana Jones Poster Tutorial

Ever wanted to create your own Indiana Jones-style poster If so, you’re in luck. Use a photo of yourself and you’ll feel like a movie star.

Lord of the Rings Poster Photoshop Tutorial

A great tutorial that shows how you can create an authentic looking movie poster.

Design a Retro Summer Poster Illustration

The sunburst backgrounds are back, and this time incorporated into the woman’s hair. You’ll learn how to easily design a poster with a nice retro style.

Abstract Poster Effects (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

Wow, this tutorial leads you through the process of creating a colorful post in Illustrator and Photoshop! It’s an abstract style that could be used for plenty of purposes.

Political Poster Art in Photoshop

Here you’ll learn how to create a unique political poster.

Blending Images Like a Hollywood Movie Poster

A sepia poster with a large photo blended into another photo. An interesting technique that you could use with your own photos.

Spiderman Poster

The simple spider web creates a nice poster,

Wanted Poster

A fun poster that could be used for fun.

Love Poster

This tutorial combines a lot of different graphics and images (including a sunburst background).

Dirty Grunge Poster

A sunburst background with some drippy spray paint effects.

NoPattern “Jumper” Effect

This tutorial shows how to create an awesome poster with lighting effects to replicate the movie poster for Jumper.

Big Typography Snowboarding Poster

Grunge typography is the primary design element of this poster. Learn how to use it in your own designs by following along.

Design a Sin City Style Poster

By following this tutorial you can create a dark poster inspired by Sin City.

Create an Edgy, Colorful Fashion Photo Manipulated Artwork

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design a poster with some awesome abstract design elements.

Making of “The World is Bleeding”

This case study walks you through the steps of creating this chilling poster design.

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop

This poster would be ideal for a horror movie or for a Halloween event.

Create a Poster Inspired by the Movie “The Bourne Legacy”

This movie poster can be designed by following along with this step-by-step tutorial.

Create an Electrifying Music Poster with Geometrical Elements in Photoshop

This abstract design uses a lot of colors and could be useful for a lot of different types of posters.

Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Typography is the focus, but this poster design also features plenty of colors and some abstract design elements. Retro refers to the bit classic and old design.

How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop

Here you’ll learn how to create a great movie poster. You have to copy and paste different images accompanied by the slight customizations that you will be done in a professional manner.

How to Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

This is another useful tutorial for those who are looking to design their own movie posters.

How to Create an Anti-Smoking Ad Concept with Photoshop

This tutorial shows how you can design a poster for advertising purposes.

Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

This tutorial includes lighting effects and texture to create a nice poster design.


Designing a poster is similar to creating a manipulation or any other image. The poster design must be appealing and deliver the message right away to the audience. The art included in the poster designs is inspired from some movie character or any other character of such sort. The text is added in each poster design and you can use the variety of calligraphic fonts in your poster designs. All of these poster designs have been designed and customized using simple photoshop tools All VPN - VPN

For more  design resources, please see:

Ню и Эро » ALLDAY - народный сайт о дизайне

Photoshop textures are used to create backgrounds, add grit and texture to designs, and create photo effects. In this post, you’ll find:

  1. How to enhance photos using textures
  2. Paper textures
  3. Wood textures
  4. Age/vintage textures
  5. Paint splatter textures

Textures can be extremely useful resources for web and graphic designers, and Photoshop allows numerous possibilities. In some cases, you may create a texture from scratch in Photoshop, but in most cases, you’ll be using a texture from a photo, whether it’s your own photo or one you acquired.

Here we’ve featured over 30 different tutorials that teach various aspects of created and working with textures.

Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures

Textures can also be used to give a different look and feel to your photos, and it’s easy to implement. Before applying a suitable texture, you have to analyze the picture and then apply a suitable texture with little customization as well.

5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures in Photoshop

This tutorial shows how you can get the most out of texture photographs. This simple technique will help you to simply beautify the ugly-looking textures quickly and easily.

Creating an Embedded Concrete Effect Using Only Layer Styles

Here you’ll learn how to create this beautifully textured effect. You will be able to create a beautiful background by adding the grunge effect and then add a particular layer style to make it appear more beautiful.

How to Make an Awesome Grungy Paper Texture from Scratch

Bittbox shows how to make this standard paper texture much more awesome. You will learn to customize an ugly-looking texture into an awesome grungy paper texture. You will add layer to the texture and customize it using the brush tool.

Unique Textures without Using Brushes

This tutorial from Bittbox shows how you can easily create awesome textures of your own. You can then use these textures for all different purposes in your own designs. You will be able to add a primary image to a secondary image separated by a layer and then adjusting the opacity to achieve the desired results.

Quickly Build an Abstract Background of Colored Bars

Abstract backgrounds can be useful in a wide variety of settings. This Psdtuts tutorial shows how you can create an attention-grabbing background in just a few minutes. You will be able to create a beautifully colored background from scratch.

Texturing of Old Paper

Paper textures are so incredibly versatile. This tutorials is definitely worth following. You will have to do some work on the old-textured paper effect to achieve the desired results.

The Ultimate Wood Texture Tutorial

Want to create your own wood texture from scratch It’s possible with the help of Photoshop and you can learn the process in this tutorial. You will learn to create and customize the wooden texture just from scratch. You will also learn to add and craft an artwork layer on the wooden piece and customize that artwork layer.

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an awesome abstract background that you can use for wallpapers, websites, and other projects. You will be amazed to find how different layers can affect and enhance the beauty of the picture.

Textured Crumpled Paper

With this tutorial, you’ll work with textures to create this realistic look. You can play with different photoshop layers to create a completely different, beautiful and realistic picture.

Grungy Metal Texture

Creating a stunning grungy background can be quite simple, and this tutorial shows how you can do it. You can easily draw different shapes on the canvas, add a suitable background texture and customize the whole picture to produce a wonderful grungy metal texture.

Use Texture Effects to Create Beautiful Compositions

This tutorial shows how to use texture to compliment a beautiful design. Add a beautful texture in the background, add different shape layers and customize those shape layers to create a picture with stunning composition.

Waves Background

Another awesome and abstract background can be created by following this tutorial. You will learn to transform an ugly-looking waves filter to a beautifully contrasted wave filter. You have to add different layers, gradient overlays and customize the picture as a whole to achieve the desired results.

Creating Colorful Disco Lines Effect

This tutorial from 10steps shows how to create a colorful abstract background that will certainly get attention. You will be able to create a disco line effect by drawing a single vertical line. You will also learn to enhance a text using reflection tools and different layer styles.

Create Smoke Effect on Grungy Wallpaper

This smokey effect has a nice texture to it. You will learn to hide all the unwanted spots in the image. You will learn all the settings and customizations needed to produce a smoky effect in any picture.

5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures in Your Designs 

Learn how to apply the texture to this colorful retro design. Along with some customization, you can easily add a suitable texture to any picture. By altering the customization, you can achieve the variety of different results.

Guide to Creating Bokeh Textures

Another approach to creating a bokeh background. “Bokeh” refers to the texture produced by the camera lens when out-focused at a place from where light is emerging. You can also achieve the bokeh texture by using the brush tool in photoshop. Blurring the bokeh texture and making few customizations will help you achieve the bokeh texture in the image that appears to be real and beautiful.

Reverse Grunge: Easy Texture Technique in Photoshop

Using the eraser tool you can create interesting and unique textures. You will use the eraser tool to remove the particular aspect of the image and achieve a reverse grunge effect in photoshop. For that purpose, you have to solid color that is mostly filled as well. There are few other customizations as well to achieve the desired results.

Create Bright Abstract Diagonal Lines Background

Yet another abstract background option. You can create a single abstract diagonal line using the simple photoshop tools and then duplicate each of those lines. You will learn to use free transform tool to customize the whole picture.

Create a Photo Composite with Filter Forge and Photoshop

You’ll need the Filter Forge plugin for this tutorial, but it’s a great resource for working with textures. Composite photo refers to the several photographs combined and merged on a single surface or plate. You will learn to get rid of unwanted white shadow or white edges around the smart object. You will use the layer as an overlay to produce a composite image in photoshop.

Apply Texture, Age, and Weathering Effects in Photoshop Using Machine Wash Deluxe 2

This tutorial also uses a plugin that you will need to follow along. You will be taught to use simple Photoshop tools to create a texture, tranform the picture into an older version or add the desired effect.

How to Create a Geometric Background Effect in Photoshop

This geometric background can be used for a wide variety of purposes in web and graphic design. You can practice different customizations and settings to produce a more refined image. You will be able to create colorful geometric shapes and customize them to produce even more beautiful image.

Manipulate a Portrait Photo to Create a Splatter Paint Effect

The paint splatter effect on this photo manipulation gives it an awesome textured look. You will learn to change the eye color in a portrait. You will use the lasso tool to cut the portrait image. You will also learn to erase the unwanted or distracting elements from the background. You will be able to add a suitable texture to the background once you finish this tutorial.

Create a Chilling Abstract Using Photos and Textures

This tutorial shows you how to create a heavily-textured poster design. You will create a creepy horror design from scratch. You will learn to create the shadow of the smart object by adding a layer, use different blending tools to blend different objects such as the skull or piece of wood, use soft brushes to paint shadow, adding different objects to the picture and customizing them according to the rest of the picture, using brush tool to enhance brightness and other such related photoshop tactics.

Snow and Dust Particle Effects in Photoshop

The snow and dust particles created in this tutorial can add some texture to your designs or photos. You will do it all yourself by using simple photoshop tools without adding any texture or using any plugin.

Antique a Photo Using Textures in 3 Quick Steps

Learn how to create an antique vintage effect with the help of a texture. You can create an old movie effect by simply adding an adjustment layer to the picture. Then, we will apply a few textures to enhance the antique vintage effect.

Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation Using Ice and Fire Textures

This is another photo manipulation tutorial that shows the possibilities of using and applying textures in your own design work. You will create new effects by applying different textures, using curve layers and doing few simple customizations.

Easily Create Seamless Photo Textures You Can Tile

Tileable textures can be extremely useful, and this tutorial shows how you can make your own from a photo. You will work on a simple image to create a flawless texturized image that can be used as background for different web layouts.

How to Create an Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop

The watercolor effects used in this tutorial give it an awesome textured look. You will insert different smart objects such as  watercolor brush to add watermarks, use layer masks, adjust the hue/saturation layer and other related customizations that will help you achieve the desired results.

Create a Colorful Grunge Portrait in Seconds

Learn how to use texture to grunge up a portrait. Applu a layer mask and paint the whole portrait uniformly to achieve the desired results.

Create an Abstract Photomanipulation with Tree Bark Textures and Brush Elements

Learn how to use simple textures to create a beautiful design. You will learn to add a bark texture to a portrait and blending it properly alongwith the necessary customization Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013

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