Скачать Process Lasso Pro RePack by D!akov Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit


I have an old Dell D520 with an Intell T5500 cpu running at 1.66Ghz. This computer originally came with Windows XP. I upgraded to Window 7 a long time ago but it ran slow…so I put on a shelf and forgot about it.

During the last week of “Windows 10 free” I upgraded all of my personal and family computers and the computers in my office (I am not an early adopter).

For the heck of it I installed Windows 10 clean on this old Dell 520 just to see what would happen… and it ran like crap.
The processor was maxed out at 100% all the time. I was just about to put it back on the shelf and forget about it when I thought, “install Process Lasso and see what happens”.

Well, I am not sure how long it took to install because I gave up after a half an hour and went home. I came back into the office this morning and fired it up and the processor is 0% at idle, every app fires up like a new computer and it is 100% usable.

I have been using Porcess Lasso for years and I install it on every computer that is brought to me for repari, but I have never seen such a dramatic difference in a machine as I did today with this old Dell. Unbelievable! Love the product.

Ben M

First of all would I like to thank Jeremy for a great piece of software  This testimonial is a very long, so if you only want to know about Process Lasso please scroll to the end. Back in 2012 did I use a 5.500€ Audio Meca CD player on my HiFi setup. I installed JRiver on a Win7 laptop, connected it to my M2Tech USB to SPDIF converter via a standard USB 2.0 and then into my DAC. The performances of this PC configuration was far from the performances of my Audio Meca CD player, so I did not work with PC playback for over a year. In spring 2013 did I tested an External clock on my M2Tech USB to SPDIF converter, this raised the sound quality a little, by making the sound more open and with more “air” in upper midrange and treble. I then started to test different USB cables and ended with an Acoustic Revive USB cable. I then got curious to see if the PC hardware could make any differences, I used a GigaByte mATX motherboard with a 3,1 GHz Intel Core i7. Next step was replacing the switch mode power supply with a custom made linear power supply with a 8*22.000uF cap bank and discrete regulators. This upgrade made the sound more analog. Then I came across a Taiwanese person called Paul Pang, he has a lot of PC upgrading hardware devices. I installed one of his OCXO precision clocks on the motherboard, this upgrade also gave a more analog sound. I then changed the Win7 with a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 64bit. The OS upgrade itself did not change anything, but when I installed Audio Phil’s Audiophile Optimizer 1.40 This made the sound more 3D and organic. I started with magnetic hard drives and ended with two SSD drives each with its own external OCXO precision clock. One drive for OS and media software and another dedicated drive for music files. I also installed a dedicated USB card for the M2Tech USB-SPDIF converter and this card also has its own OCXO precision clock. This gave a more detailed sound and also gave a better flow in the rhythm of the music. As media software do I use JRiver 20.0.27, I control JRiver via JRemote on my iPad. JRiver 20.0.27 still supports ASIO and therefor can I use JPLAY 6.2 with my JRiver. I have read that some people do not like JPLAY, I like it because in my setup does it make the sound more 3D and organic. I then installed Fidelizer Pro and did not expect any sound improvement, due to the heavily optimized hardware and software. I was wrong! Fidelizer Pro software did improve the sound, it removes digital glare which makes the server sound more natural. Then I came across Process Lasso, also here did not expect any sound improvement, but I was again wrong Process Lasso also removes digital glare from the sound. I have not tried it, but I guess that Audiophile Optimizer and Process Lasso could do the job. Again I am not disappointed in having invested in all three Audio optimizing software (Audiophile Optimizer, Fidelizer Pro and Process Lasso) because they all contributed to better sound in my setup  My PC Media Server has surpassed the sound performances of my Audio Meca CD player long time ago. BR Jacob Land Jensen Denmark

I think it always helps if people know the hardware and software.

Your program rocks. I’m a power multitasking user. For example right not I have around 11 programs, 19 Chrome browser windows open and lot’s of  excel and email windows open.

I’m on a Toshiba Tecra M11 with a I5 2.4Ghz CPU and only 8gb of system
memory. It’s an older Laptop and that’s the maximum Memory that it will take.

My operating system is Windows 7 Professional and very old and  dirty/slightly corrupted after around 6 years of use/abuse.

I was very skeptical of your program because I’ve tried “optimization  programs” in the past and they’ve always been an epic fail.

I think my biggest problem was with memory issues along with some CPU Issues. Since I’ve installed your program, My computer is working much better. Faster and much less freezes and on the occasional freeze I’m out of it in 1/4 of the time.

In addition when I open quick books it used to take around 5-10 minutes to get in and now I’m in in 30 Seconds

Your program is excellent and as good as you represent it to be.

This is great job!

I am really feeling benefits here.

Keep up this great work ! :)

We learned a lot from Bitsum and the resources provided! Would certainly recommend them!

I’ve recommended it to so many friends, and helped them tweak their PC’s, breathing fresh life into them!

When you’re poor, things like this that give your gear extra years of life are divine gifts!

You rock! :D

I simply Love your product: Process Lasso; it has ridded me of long lasting program delays and other frustrations. I would recommend your product to anyone with Windows machine. Cheers!

I have been using your software for some time now and I am loving it.

It gives that additional look under the hood that I desire.

The smart trim feature looks promising and I am waiting for your next step up with 8.0.

Without Process Lasso it certainly gets choppy.

If there is only one program you ever install on your system, it has to be “Process Lasso” I have used computers for decades, and even now, on a premium laptop with a clean install, the difference is amazing. With nothing to configure at all, it just works !!

Process Lasso has basically been a life saver for my company. I was sceptical of it initially but it eventually won me over with its simplicity and quality. Great product!

Thomson Lee

Thomson Renovation Contractor

I was a bit skeptical of how Process Lasso would make much difference to a system, but now I’m well and truly sold.

I’ve recommended it to so many friends, and helped them tweak their PC’s, breathing fresh life into them!

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing piece of software!

Being a software developer I found it hard to code when I had thousands of other programs running and task manager when was barely scratching the surface. Even when online gaming it was a hassle trying to play my Assassin’s Creed. Since using this Im not on the verge of throwing my laptop and gaming to much smoother. Thanks for being a blessing and looking forward to more great things

Domonick Mack

I and our staff members, have tested Process Lasso and have gotten very positive result for Computer Audiophile.

It seems to clean-up some left over stuffs like we clean the leaves on the driving way in late Fall.

Seung-Hyun Yoon (from Korea)

I find it uses very little in the way of resources and keeps the PC running smoothly.

The process has not installed any malware or crap-ware like a lot of free tools do, it just runs in the background adjusting load priorities on the PC’s CPU automatically.

Keep up the good stuff guys. I have an older Toshiba E1-1200 laptop struggling through Windows 10(it tents to pin Core 0 at 100% and thrash the old 5200RPM drive), and I was about to give up and put 7 back on it, but ProcessLasso saved it. It uses a bit more CPU resources itself than I’d like, but that;s fine, because it keeps all the hoggish processes in check. Well, bar System Interrupts. Think you could work on controlling that On OEM systems with weird USB drivers, it can murder performance.

My PC is my bread and butter as an audio engineer. When my system started having issues and my audio applications were crashing, I spent several days trying to nail down the problem. Noticing that half my cores were parked for some odd reason, I stumbled upon ParkControl, installed and configured it, and INSTANTLY, all of my issues disappeared! This thing was a life saver for me!

We’ve been using process lasso on our primary workstations for over 2 years, and have seen the product continue to improve and keep up with the constant evolution of the micro processing landscape.

We first purchased the product to use on Dual E5-2697v2 Workstations, which running HT mean’t 48 cores. Upon installation, the program wasn’t quite yet ready for the “just released” 12 core/24 core HT processors, especially run on a dual assembly.

The support staff quickly responded, and we were blown away that with just 2 or so weeks they had an entire new release ready in Beta based on our feedback.

Since then, the product just keeps getting better as they refine the process balancing metrics, restraints, and the ability to apply custom rules and exceptions to processes, programs, and the like.

I consider it an essential application in our software arsenal, especially on our larger 48 core workstations running 128 GB of ram.

Running VMWare Workstation Pro 12, we many times have a dozen or more VMs running, all running complex tasks- CPU core parking, memory trimming, all become crucial to performance. In addition, it allows us to set restraints so that in the event a workstation running multiple VMs is hit with multiple complex assignments at once, the Host will not lock up- rather Process Lasso will adjust CPU affinities to keep the HOST services running and avoid lockdown (which can easilly happen without these features).

The product works. The support, ultra responsive, we are, simply put- impressed.

PS. The only thing I think the program needs now– functionality aside– as it seems to handle everything we throw at it- is skins. Different skins would be a nice touch.

I think it always helps if people know the hardware and software.

Your program rocks. I’m a power multitasking user. For example right not I have around 11 programs, 19 Chrome browser windows open and lot’s of  excel and email windows open.

I’m on a Toshiba Tecra M11 with a I5 2.4Ghz CPU and only 8gb of system memory. It’s an older Laptop and that’s the maximum Memory that it will take.

My operating system is Windows 7 Professional and very old and  dirty/slightly corrupted after around 6 years of use/abuse.

I was very skeptical of your program because I’ve tried “optimization  programs” in the past and they’ve always been an epic fail.

I think my biggest problem was with memory issues along with some CPU Issues. Since I’ve installed your program, My computer is working much better. Faster and much less freezes and on the occasional freeze I’m out of it in 1/4 of the time.

In addition when I open quick books it used to take around 5-10 minutes to get in and now I’m in in 30 Seconds

Your program is excellent and as good as you represent it to be.

I use Fruity Loops loaded with a LOT of heavy plugins (full orchestras, multiple amps, Shredder II guitars, etc.) and it’s always given me small problems every now and again when rendering which would create small noise anomalies in the song because it seems no matter what I did I couldn’t allocate enough CPU power to it, even with 8 CPUS and manually setting the Priority.

I install Process Lasso, set everything to High for Fruity Loops and done…no more problems whatsoever.


Bitsum,I have been using the Process Lasso Pro on my desktop and Park Control on my laptop for almost a year. I am very impressed on how the software has improved the overall performance of my devices. Your Tech Support is quick with reply emails and the overall update process is very smooth. I consider my investing in your software one of the best buys I have done.Thank you for a Great Product.


First of all I want to say I have tried and used many tweaks in my quest for audiophile nirvana and Lasso Pro on win 8.1 is FANTASTIC!!!

Process Lasso made a larger impact on my computer audio system than other products I had tried!!

I kid you not! Your software was on my machine as a trial for 5 minutes and I heard such an improvement in Sq and speed and way lower jitter the entire track was transformed, I purchased it!

Had to have it! Great job guys!! Thanks for your time and support!


I just found out about Process Lasso yesterday – I had read about it on several sites before.

I broke down yesterday and installed it because I was desperate for an alternative to the Windows default task manager.

All I can say is… Wow. I should’ve never doubted you guys.

I love Process Lasso and I’ll definitely do anything I can to spread the word.

Bought !

This is first day I have really had a chance to listen to my system with Process Lasso. It is like all the audio software ( Jplay – AO – Fidelizer Pro) has now finally snapped into focus – magic !

I have used absolutely minimal configuration (as in previous post) and let Pro Balance do its thing – It’s VERY tempting to over-configure everything – but ProBalance is a LOT smarter than me and it does a terrific job on its own.

I was a bit sceptical of how Process Lasso would make much difference to a system that was only running audio in the first place – but now I’m well and truly sold.

Well done Jeremy !

Just a quick note – since installing PL, both my CPUs are now running about 5 degrees cooler !


Operating systems come and go – but Process Lasso always remains.

David Stewart Jones

I was really dubious at first. I had seen many programs on the web that claimed to improve responsiveness, performance and fix your memory leak issues but Process Lasso does not pretend to be a fix to all your issues. Instead, it gives you the tools you need to make the most of your hardware that no other program out there can do, at least not all in one convenient package.

You can configure what cores a program uses, turn off hyper threading per program/game, even put a game into single threaded performance mode, which forces the game to use a single core, which as a gamer, is a god send for older games that do not play well with multi core CPU’s.

It also requests programs to release resources that they do not need, which actually helps games with memory leaks. I play a lot of X-COM 2 and before I had this program, my performance was averaging 40fps with a i7 6850k and a 1080. I would drop as low as 18fps in the geoscape.

I put the game into high performance mode, single threaded performance mode (Unreal Engine 3 sucks at multi threading) and I suddenly sky rocketed to 70fps average at maximum settings and I have, for the first time ever, seen 60fps in the geoscape.

coincidence I really doubt it. Process Lasso is not a miracle cure, but if you are an advanced PC user who knows what they are doing, you should never be without this program. Even amateur PC users would do well with this software as it pretty much runs itself and could help improve the experience of PC gaming for amateur or enthusiast alike.

Try it out for free, at worst you’ll find it does not suit your needs and at best you’ll wonder how you ever gamed without it.

prolasso is first choice for all pc for me

Thank you.

It’s nice to upgrade to new version.

Best regards

…this software has improved performance, congratulations, thank you very much.

Thats what I thought anyway, until I tried Process Lasso. I’m on a tight budget but I was impressed by the improvement to the responsiveness of my laptop that I decided that it was a no brainer purchase. I use (abuse) my laptop intensively, After Effects, Ableton Live, Guitar Rig and dozens of software synths without dropout, stuttering, lockups and the like. The best software investment I ever made, Seriously.

Thank you for your hard work on this.

Wow! Two years ago I wrote a comment about this and, guess what, I’m still using the program. Since then my laptop has aged by two years and is running Windows 10 Home, 64 bit. My laptop is now 6 years old and, with Process Lasso running in the background, I can honestly say it makes a noticeable difference to the performance and stability of my gig. Again thanks to the developer and MajorGeeks for offering the program.

…and several years ago had a lot of problems with users hogging CPU resources, to the detriment of other users on the same server. Citrix has its own CPU fair sharing system, but it is really bad and with Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft also introduced one, but again not very good.

Searching for something better we stumbled upon Process Lasso and after a short test we bought it and implemented it on all our Citrix XenApp servers. In our production environment we currently have around 250 servers, serving some 3000 concurrent users.

When installed as a service Process Lasso turned out to be very effective at ensuring, that CPU is shared fairly among all users. A lot of processes you would normally not associate with high CPU loads, like Outlook or Acrobat Reader, can easily use enough CPU that it affects the other applications the user is running and in worst case other user’s applications. Multi thread applications like Excel can be particularly nasty, as it will happily use every available bit of CPU it can get its hands on, which will literally kill an entire server and make it unresponsive.

After introducing Process Lasso we very rarely see stalls or hangs caused by CPU load, even with all the Internet Explore processes frequently using lots of CPU due to flash banners usually :).

Being able to exclude process from ProBalance is also very valuable, as we do not want certain applications like our ERP system (SAP) to be restricted.

I have yet to hear about any other product that comes close to what Process Lasso does and for the price this really ought to be standard in any Citrix XenApp installation. The support is outstanding and request for new features are handled swift and very professionally.

Today I can’t even imagine running our Citrix XenApp installation without Process Lasso on it, since it would have a huge detrimental effect for the experience our users have using the system. So if you have never thought about using Process Lasso in an enterprise environment, especially in a terminal server environment, I can highly recommend trying it out.

Karsten Rechnagel - System Administrator

Solar A/S

I tried it out tonight and its optimization is night and day.

Clearly this service is marketed to people with a little tech know how.

Will Buy after my trial!

With the help of Process Lasso you can improve the operating system’s response time and overall stability. It automatically adjusts the priority class for active programs via ProBalance, the app’s proprietary algorithm, in order to prevent them from hogging resources.

The interface consists of a regular window containing a list of all processes and active ones, along with a graphical representation that shows a history of the processor use, responsiveness, process restraint and memory load.

The list of active processes shows the name, user name, application name, ID, assigned rules, priority class, CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, CPU level and average level (in percentage), CPU time, restraint history, memory (private bytes and working set), number of threads allocated, handles, page faults, and other relevant information.

For each process you can set the priority class (by default, Windows dynamic thread priority boost is enabled), CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, and application power profile (e.g. balanced), as well as limit the number of instances, enable it to keep running and to restart if terminated, and prevent computer hibernation while it’s active.

In addition, you can exclude a process from the ProBalance restraint, foreground boost, and Energy Saver (lets you run the system in high performance mode and conserves power in idle state), mark it as a game or media player process (when the gaming/multimedia mode is enabled), trim its virtual memory, as well as restart or terminate it (by force, if necessary).

Furthermore, you can configure rules for adding a processor to a watchdog monitor list (e.g. for CPU or virtual memory, monitoring time range), as well as log all activity to file. These are just few of the options available for advanced users who would like to tweak Process Lasso.

The feature-rich application is surprisingly light on the system resources, has a good response time, and rapidly commits changes. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation. While Process Lasso packs advanced settings for experienced users, letting them fully customize each part of the app, the utility may also be run with default options, since it intelligently prioritizes high-demanding programs and terminates them if necessary. Less experienced users can look into help documentation.

5.0/5 – Stars

Reviewed by Elena Opris

I am a board certified clinical forensic psychiatrist plus acupuncturist. Many times, what is rated # 1-2-3 is not always the best.

I have downloaded and tested every available Optimization Software going back to Windows 98 and up to Windows 7 Home Premium.

Process Lasso Pro, works 100% to balance my CPU RAM, plus frequent updates and outstanding service seven days per week.

I trust Process Lasso Pro, 100% to optimize my computer laptop. I would trust my life with this software.

Don’t be fooled by reviews ratings (for other products), Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Optimize your computer today like you would protect the lives of your own family. Purchase Process Lasso today.

Best regards,

Dr. Hubert Hechabarria

Rep. of Panama

Great suite of products that have helped our productivity immensely Worms Revolution .DLCs MULTi7

Highly recommended!

Jasmine Chong

Singapore Interior Design

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Do you know "Windows" shares the processor time between all running processes based upon their priority If a process has higher priority, it gets more processor time compared to a process having lower priority.

But we can change process priority using "Windows Task Manager". Open Task Manager by right-clicking on Taskbar and select "Task Manager" or by pressing "Ctrl Shift Esc" keys together.

Once you open Task Manager, go to "Processes" tab, right-click on any running process and change the priority using "Set Priority" menu. You'll notice some system processes are set to "High" priority and almost all 3rd party processes are set to "Normal" by default.

Although you can change the priority according to your requirement, but the priority is not set permanently. Once you restart your system, Windows forgets your custom priority and assigns the process default priority.

So how to set a process priority permanent Don't worry, here is the solution.

"Prio" is a free for personal use utility which solves the problem. It adds a new option "Save Priority" in context menu:

So now you can save the priority permanently.

It works in Windows XP, Vista and 7. It also adds a few extra features as mentioned below:

  • Adds a new tab "Services" which shows the installed processes along with their status
  • Adds another new tab "TCP/IP" which shows all established TCP/IP connections and all open ports
  • Adds a new option "Silent Elevation" which allows you to execute a software with administrative privileges

You can download it using following link:

Download Link


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About the author: Vishal Gupta (also known as VG) has been awarded with Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 v12 0 1

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary .

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition یک بازی در سبک نقش آفرینی می باشد که در تاریخ 7 ژوئن 2013 برای سیستم عامل ویندوز مایکروسافت منتشر شده است ، این بازی ساخته جدیدی از استودیوی قدرتمند Bethesda Game Studios می باشد ، استودیوی بازی سازی Bethesda Game Studios یکی از قدیمی ترین استودیوهای بازی سازی می باشد که به راحتی می توان از این استودیو به عنوان پدرسبک نقش آفرینی مدرن نام برد این استودیو با بازی های قدرتمند و پرفروشی مانند سری fallout و elder Scrolls موفق شد سبک نقش افرینی را وارد مرحله ای جدید کند . پس از بازی کردن حتی یکی از بازی های ساخته شده توسط استودیوی Bethesda Game Studios شما به راختی می توانید نشانه هایی از بازی های آنها را در تمام بازی های نقش آفرینی سال های اخیر مشاهده کنید ، این استودیو در بازی های خود داستانی قدرتمند و شخصیت پردازی بسیار عمیق به کار می برد و با ترکیب این دو بخش با یک گیم پلی کاملا متنوع و خلاقانه تجربه ای کاملا منحصر به فرد را برای طرفداران بازی های نقش آفرینی به ارمغان می اورد . بازی The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition را به راحتی می توان به عنوان یکی از بهترین بازی های نقش آفرینی ساخته شده در 10 سال اخیر نام گذاری کرد ، زیرا این بازی دارای شخصیت پردازی بسیار قدرتمند و داستانی بسیار درگیر کننده می باشد .

سایر توضیحات : داستان این بازی در جایی آغاز می شود که در دنیایی به نام Skyrim یک شخص قدرتمند شاه این دنیا را می کشد و شما به عنوان یکی از مضنونین این حادثه در حال انتقال به محلی می باشید که در انجا قرار است به سزای اعمالتان برسید ، در ادامه پس از حمله غیر منتظره یک اژدها به این مکان شما از دست نگهبانان فرار می کنید . همانطور که از توضیح ابتدایی این بازی پیداست بازی دارای یک داستان بسیار قدرتمند و درگیر کننده می باشد که در طول مراحل داستانی بازی در هر بخش نکته ای جدیدی از این داستان برای شما برملا می شود ، بازی The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition دارای نکات قدرتمند زیادی می باشد سیستم طراحی شخصیت این بازی یکی از کامل ترین سیستم های شخصی سازی در میان بازی های نقش آفرینی می باشد و به راحتی می تواند با اکثر بازی های نقش آفرینی روز مقابله کند و به راحتی آنها را از میدان بدر کند ، شما در طول بازی و با لول آپ کردن شخصیت خود می توانید شخصیت خود را آپگرید کنید برای مثال می توانید قدرت شمشیر بازی او را بیشتر کرده و یا او را تبدیل به یک آهنگر حرفه ای کرده و با ساخت شمیر و زره های قدرتمند تبدیل به یکی از قدرتمند ترین موجودات این بازی شوید ، در طول این بازی سازندگان برای شما هیچ محدودیتی قائل نشده اند ، شما می توانید به گرگینه و یا خون آشام تبدیل شوید شما می توانید فرماندار یک منطقه شوید و برای خود قلعه بسازید . یکی از نکات بسیار جالب و درگیر کننده این بازی سیستم ماموریت های فرعی این بازی می باشد در سایر بازی های نقش آفرینی ماموریت های فرغی تکریبی از ماموریت های تکراری و بی هدف می باشند اما در بازی نقش آفرینی The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition ماموریت های فرعی داستانی به قدرت و جذابیت بسیاری از بازی های روز دارند که این امر خود باعث می شود شما حتی پس از پایان این بازی نیز هنوز درگیر داستان های در جریان بازی شوید ، بازی The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition یکی از بهترین بازی های نقش آفرینی چند سال آخیر می باشد و موفق به کسب بیش از 200 جایزه از نمایشگاه های مختلف شده است .

 *حتما قبل از دانلود بازی سیستم مورد نیاز بازی را مطالعه کنید*

مشخصات بازی :

نام بازی : The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition

پلتفرم : PC

زبان : انگلیسی

سال انتشار : 2016

شرکت سازنده : Bethesda Game Studios

منتشر کننده : Bethesda Game Studios

سبک بازی : اکشن نقش آفرینی

نوع فایل : EXE

لینک مرتبط : Steam

– برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر در رابطه با نحوه نصب بازی و ایرادات احتمالی به بخش راهنمای نصب مراجعه نمایید winrar exe

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition

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