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Authentic Window Design | Elmsford, NY

Discover Authentic Window Design, located in Elmsford in Westchester County NY– the recognized Marvin Window and Door authority for the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Tristate area. As a Marvin Design Gallery, you’ll enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience. We sell, design, and install Marvin custom windows and custom doors, and other fine home products, backed by our Lifetime Window Door Installation Warranty.Our business was built on word of mouth, due to our decades of high quality, impressive and long lasting results. We’ve specialized to offer only the finest products installed by highly trained, veteran experts. You benefit from the quality, expertise, and intensive level of personal attention. Call us or visit today to discuss your project with our friendly, knowledgeable consultants. Homeowners, architects, builders, and remodelers welcome.

August 09, 2018

No surprise – this was a superbly executed, professional installation.  My sincere thanks for continued excellence and making the client come first.  I am looking around for more jobs and more referrals.  I am a satisfied customer.  Words matter.  I am giving you my word.  Thank you.

Ben K.

December 14, 2017

The job went so smoothly and I am so pleased. I have thoroughly enjoyed interaction with (Maggie Frank, Mario the installer and Renaldo) everyone at Authentic Window design. Thanks for making this such a comfortable experience.

Terry C.

January 09, 2017

Your installers, Jose and his assistant, did a superb job of our window replacement.  As the sashes had been painted together, I worried that the upper sash might crack when the lower sash was removed for replacement.  Jose separated the sashes with ease, leaving the good window perfectly in tact.  The work was quick and neat.  The installers couldn't have been more professional!  I know that we will be working again with AWD.

Ann N.

December 19, 2016

Hi, Anthony Great crew.  Nice gentlemen, hard working, very honest and we are very pleased with their excellent craftsmanship....so much so that I made a recommendation today and gave out your name and phone number.   But indeed, as they say, the world is a very small place. Our Insurance inspector was here today for evaluation of our insurance needs.  While inspecting our new windows upstairs, he said the installation and quality were both great!   He then told me he needs new windows too.  Accordingly, I gave him your name and contact information, whereupon he said to me "I know Anthony....I really do...he's family!"  (But I still demand my salesman's commission).

Linda Michael

October 25, 2016

We are always happy with AWD's work.  We love you guys.  Thank you!

Sarah C Start Menu for Windows 8

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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise Product Key is the updated version of Window RT and Window 8. In Windows 8 the most significant change is its touchscreen system for new generations and the newly coming applications. Many changes introduced in Windows 8 regarding its performance, security, and efficiency over the older versions of windows. A new feature of supporting new devices added in Windows 8.1.

    The start menu removed in this version of windows, and a new screen just like the table presented in which all the applications kept for direct access. The unique feature of the screen start menu displayed for touch screens like tablets and touchpads. In this windows, you did not need to install any drivers, built-in virus removing systems and also introduced wi-fi and Bluetooth support drivers.

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    The Much built-in software is displayed in this window like Adobe reader, image viewer, video player and much more. It also adds a new feature of charm bar that provides the facility of quick access to the search bar, settings, sharing the environment and also included starts menu. In this windows, you did not need to install any drivers, built-in virus removing systems and also installed wi-fi and Bluetooth support drivers.

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    MATLAB R2016b Full Crack For Mac is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C , and Fortran.

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    Most likely, there isn’t an individual in this global world(who reaches least a bit interested in IT) who doesn’t wish to have the latest products both in technologies and PC software programs too. The same stands for the operating systems which are latest. The brand new – Windows 8.1 Crack has gained a whole lot of popularity amongst individuals now aided by the update that is latest of this version, many people are kept empty-handed as the Windows 8.1 variation just isn’t a free update for several computers. This is where the Windows 8.1 Crack is necessary. With this computer software, you can make the most of the new features and improvements associated with the running system that is latest, and also you will usually be ahead of things and in control.

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