Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Daz x86 – x64 Activador de . Windows 7 Loader v2 0 2 x86 x64 by Daz


Version 2.2.2 (02/04/2014)

  • Added support for Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems
  • Added a valid OEM SLP key for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (it was taken from a Dell server)
  • Added a warning for virtual machines created in VirtualBox that are using Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 (use ICH9 for the loader to work)
  • Allowed the loader to be installed onto Xen again (if it doesn’t work for you then it can’t be fixed)
  • Added lots of new keys, SLIC’s and certificates
  • Cleaned up the UI
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.2.1 (01/29/2013)

  • Added a new GRLDR
  • Redesigned the advanced options tab and added an option to relocate the RSDP to the EBDA
  • Added Seneca and Twinhead Windows 7 Professional keys
  • Added BenQ Windows 7 Home Premium key
  • Added Seneca SLIC and certificate
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.2 (12/28/2012)

  • Fixed Xen detection
  • Fixed a small issue with some decoded keys
  • Pressing the delete key will now remove the OEM picture
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.1.9 (12/23/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR
  • Blocked the loader from installing onto Xen as it’s not supported
  • Added notes about Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 to the read me file

Version 2.1.8 (12/15/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR (required to support Server 2012 operating systems)
  • Added support for Windows Server 2012 Standard, Essentials, Foundation Datacenter
  • Added support for Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard Workgroup
  • Added support for Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Standard Premium
  • Added HEDY Windows 7 Ultimate key
  • Added ByteSpeed, DakTech, Genuine CC, INSYS, WIPRO Zoostorm Windows 7 Professional keys
  • Added ByteSpeed INSYS Windows 7 Home Premium keys
  • Added AOC ByteSpeed Windows 7 Starter keys
  • Added AOC, ByteSpeed, EXTRA Computer GmbH, Mustek, Velocity and Western Digital v2.1 SLIC’s and certificates
  • Added a Dell v2.2 SLIC to activate 2012 server editions (only recommended for Server 2012 unless you’re dual booting with Windows 7/Vista)
  • Added new launch parameters
  • Fixed a Windows key decoding bug
  • Fixed the “Licensed” text color for BIOS activated systems
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.1.7 (07/19/2012)

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the RSDT to get trashed

Version 2.1.6 (07/19/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Fixed a Hyper-V installation issue
  • Added Tangent Professional serial
  • Added Dealin Starter serial

Version 2.1.5 (06/25/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added Jetway Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter serials
  • Added Jetway SLIC and certificate
  • Fixed a bug that caused the unsupported status to be set for every type of issue
  • Highlighted the status line so that people understand that Windows 7 Enterprise is an unsupported operating system
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.1.4 (06/02/2012)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause some systems to fail to boot
  • Fixed a bug where an unsupported OS would fail to have it’s status set to unsupported
  • Added Qbex SLIC and certificate
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.1.3 (05/21/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added support for Windows Home Server 2011
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
  • Added a few new serials
  • Improved handling for systems with missing ACPI tables

Version 2.1.2 (03/11/2012)

  • Added a new GRLDR version that fixes 2 bugs
  • Added support for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
  • Added lots of missing Vista serials (Thanks to Tito)

Version 2.1.1 (04/03/2012)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented existing SLIC’s from being ignored
  • Fixed a bug that caused Windows 8 serials to be decoded incorrectly
  • Added Equus, Impression Computers and Xplore SLIC’s and certificates
  • Added Toshiba Windows 7 Ultimate serial
  • Added Xplore Windows 7 Professional serial
  • Added Impression Computers Windows 7 Home Premium serial
  • Added LaCie Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard serial
  • Added Western Digital Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials serial

Version 2.1 (11/28/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added CRC32 checksums to SLIC and certificate dumps
  • Enhanced serial decoding so that it supports Windows 8
  • Added EXO, ONKYO and Quanmax Home Premium serials
  • Added EXO and ONKYO SLIC’s and certificates
  • Removed NEC Ultimate serial as it’s not NEC
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.9 (10/13/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added NTFS checks for the active system partition
  • Added Paradigit SLIC and certificate
  • Added Paradigit Home Premium serial
  • Added ZT Systems Home Premium serial
  • Added NEC Ultimate serial
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.8 (10/07/2011)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented external SLIC’s and certificates from loading
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the AT Computers profile from working
  • Added BGH e-Nova SLIC and certificate
  • Added BGH e-Nova Professional serial

Version 2.0.7 (10/06/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added Hyper-V support
  • Added Quanmax Professional serial
  • Added Stone Ultimate, Professional, Home Basic and Starter serials
  • Further enhanced partition identification
  • Fixed a bug in the uninstall function
  • Fixed access to the recovery menu (Hold ‘R’ during boot)
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.6 (08/21/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Fixed the ignore existing SLIC option
  • Added Stone Home Premium serial
  • Added Itautec Home Basic serial
  • Added Stone and Itautec SLIC’s and certificates
  • Cleaned up serials for all Windows Server editions
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.5 (08/02/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added a new option to patch all OEM table ID’s
  • Added CCE, Chuangzhicheng and Crea SLIC’s and certificates
  • Added CCE Windows 7 Professional serial
  • Added KSystems and Crea Windows 7 Starter serials
  • Changed the way partitions are identified which should fix boot issues for systems with hidden OS partitions

Version 2.0.4 (06/26/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Recoded around 30% of the application so that the UI can always remain displayed
  • Added progress indicators
  • Added LG Starter serial
  • Added HP and IBM Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard serials
  • Added Kraftway and Philco Home Premium serials
  • Added Philco profile
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.3 (05/27/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Removed the prompt to ignore invalid SLIC’s and have made the setting apply for Samsung systems only
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.2 (05/23/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added TAROX Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium and Starter serials
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong certificate to be dumped on some machines
  • Added a prompt to ignore the existing SLIC on a system if the SLIC is invalid
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.1 (05/09/2011)

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added TAROX and Vestel SLIC’s
  • Added Positivo and Kraftway Home Basic serials
  • Enhanced the installation of GRLDR
  • Enhanced the dump option so that it will now dump the certificate and serial as well as the SLIC
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.0.0 (04/05/2011)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash
  • Fixed unicode character input for OEM information editing

Version 1.9.9 (04/04/2011)

Version 1.9.8 (04/03/2011):

  • Added a new GRLDR version
  • Added OEM branding options
  • Added AT Computers, Genuine Zoostorm SLIC’s
  • Added Genuine Home Premium serial Zoostorm Starter serial
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Enhanced enviroment detection
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.9 WinRar 4.20 crack

7 (02/18/2011):
  • Added a new GRLDR version (This should fix many problems)
  • Added Viewsonic Starter serial

Read more Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 32-64 Bit Turkce - 2018 Guncel indir - Otomatik aktivasyon secenekli - Guncel windows 7 ultimate surumudur. USB 3 driver entegresi .,Windows 7 Loader Activator v2.6.2 By Daz windows 7 loader activator v2.6.2 Full Version Free Download. Windows 7 loader application has been utilized by numerous .,Результаты поиска

Рабочий активатор Windows 7 ultimate скачать бесплатно .

Windows 7 loader application has been utilized by numerous individuals all through the world to actuate Windows 7 effectively. The loader can initiate most Windows 7 versions for all time and all the more securely. Windows loader is suitable for all renditions of Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2. It’s likewise good with Windows 7 SP1 and all framework redesigns, and it will keep running on 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) frameworks. The extraordinary thing about this loader is that all the key parts of the adventure scrambled with a custom encryption. The endeavor keeps running before Windows began up, so it’s harder for Microsoft to avert. It fixes every essential table making initiation look bona fide, and each client has a remarkable variant of the adventure introduced in his/her framework.

Windows 7 Loader keep running as a standalone application. Functions admirably with all framework dialects No center framework records get adjusted. No additional procedures have run, so you don’t have anything eating at your RAM Custom OEM data can be introduced Contention support for noiseless. It’s pre-enactment Application uprightness checking Custom blunder taking care of Support for shrouded parcels, and complex setups. Can work close by Linux’s GRUB or whatever another boot chief Works with TrueCrypt and numerous different sorts of hard drive encryption applications Include your authentications and serials remotely Offers authentication and serial establishment just for clients with a current SLIC 2.1 Robotized framework profiling (The application matches everything up for you)

The accompanying is the full guidelines on where to download and how to utilize the Windows 7 Loader 

  • Introduce Windows 7 (Don’t enter the item key and simply click Next to continue amid establishment until wrapped up).
  • Turn off any against infection on your PC before download or introduce the loader.
  • Ordinarily, you can do this by right-tapping the antivirus symbol on the framework plate and pick cripple.
  • Download the Windows 7 loader
  • Utilize the pressure apparatus like Winzip or WinRAR to unfasten the document to your PC desktop.
  • Right-tap the Windows Loader.exe and select ‘Keep running as director’.
  • Click Yes from the pop-up windows and you will see the accompanying screen
  • In the Installation tab, tap the “Introduce” catch.
  • Sit tight for the Windows Loader to work and tap on OK to reboot.
    Some discretionary strides before snapping the Install catch on the Installation tab:
  • Click on Profile tab.
  • Pick Matching SLIC and Certificate (Dell, MSI, and so forth)
  • Pick (Serial must match your rendition of Windows 7)

Windows 7 Loader

What happens IF the Windows Loader experience issue amid the Windows 7 actuation process

On the off chance that you’ve utilized different applications to attempt and sidestep the Windows 7 initiation framework and/, or you’ve not uninstalled them before attempting to utilize Windows Loader then nine times out of 10 that is the reason you’re not going as real. Download WAT Fix Now. This apparatus can take care of your initiation issues. If you don’t mind, read the directions of utilizing it here.

How to activate windows and Microsoft office with windows 7 loader

windows 7 loader is a Microsoft product that delivers something new. It enables Windows and office freely. Company product cost is much higher, but we will provide you full setup with activator freely.

Do you need to activate Windows 7

  • Disable all Windows and security firewall.
  • Many of antivirus program or security firewall will not allow you to download and install required product, so this is best to activate windows 7 loader.
  • Here you can download Mirror Link
  • Run and install on your PC.
  • If do not run automatically then click on the option “run anyway.”
  • Activation is complete.
  • So this time to enjoy genuine permanent activator.

Windows 7 Loader Activator Feature

  • more than 100 languages supported.
  • Work as a virtual machine.
  • Keep safe and clean.
  • Keep all file secured from malicious content.

Note: if this Windows 7 Loader is not working for you, please attempt different activators like RemoveWAT, Microsoft Toolkit, Windows 7 Loader eXtreme release, Trilogy, 7 Loader or Windows 7 Activator that are accessible at this site.

Windows 7 Loader by daz

Download Windows 7 Loader for PC

So you want to activate Windows 7 but you’re having some problems. I hear you, I feel you, it can be a pain, can’t it But don’t you worry, there just happens to be a tool that can solve all of your problems.

Windows 7 Loader.


Windows 7 Loader basically allows you to load windows if you’ve ‘lost’ your unique activation key. It’s pretty smart so how do you feel about getting a little technical

A loader program is a bios emulator. It’s sneaky and very clever and to understand how it works takes a little bit of explanation.

So here goes. Big computer manufacturers need to find ways to keep things efficient. So instead of giving away copies of operating software with each machine, they make sure each computer has the software PRE-LOADED and PRE-ACTIVATED.

Gone are the dark days of needing a unique code specifically for you and your copy of the software. This is simple, efficient and, actually, the route to the Windows 7 Loader existing.

Every one of the manufacturers has their own ‘master key’ for Windows. What that means is that they don’t need to have a million and one individual keys for each user, they’re able to pre-activate from the same code. The information tied to that key is in the BIOS.

The BIOS is basically a set of computer instructions in the firmware that controls input and output operations. By emulating the bios on a pre-activated and pre-loaded PC the Windows 7 Loader can appear to be the ‘master key’ like putting on a neat disguise.

In reality, the loader actually alters your bios making sure it matches the unique encrypted information of a machine that already had the software ready to go.


Windows 7 Loader is the best of the bunch but it’s a fair question to ask.

We all like to keep our computers secure and running smoothly for high performance so it’s reasonable to wonder if Windows 7 Loader is going to do the trick or not.

Loaders can be risky, they can install things you don’t really want on your computer, including malware that means your computer can be controlled remotely without you even being aware of it. Like a double agent! This is the risk with any unlicensed software and tools of this kind and the risks are pretty well known.

In fact asking if its safe is not the right question because there is risk even with the best software out there. The right question is ‘does it work’.


Windows 7 Loader absolutely works, unlike previous software that caused all sorts of problems, Windows 7 Loader is now considered to be the go to bios emulator for activating Window 7 on your PC. We wouldn’t recommend anything else.

And as we said, it works in a pretty clever way.

Since the big manufacturers have Windows pre-activated, Windows 7 Loader simply tricks your machine into acting like it came from one of those companies, thus activating the software instantly. Very clever.


So why would you want Windows 7 in the first place

Are you kidding The boot time on Windows 7 is seriously decreased, booting up in under 60 seconds.

You also have more compatibility and access to programs and accessories you couldn’t have with its predecessors, this means new games, new controllers, new hardware etc. If you want to keep using your machine you need to make sure you update the operating system otherwise the world is going to evolve around you and leave you behind!

The search function on Windows 7 is also kind of magic before you have even finished typing it’s pulling up every matching document, making finding your files incredibly easy compared to how it was in the past.

This is similar to the function on Word but also within Spotlight on iOS which is a great feature of a Mac.

With improved performance, enhanced searching and expanded security (app-blocker, Windows access center and Geo-tracking) you no longer have the nightmares of Windows 95 boot screen haunting you as you sleep.

If you want Windows 7 on your machine then Windows 7 Loader is going to make that possible.

And here’s the thing, we don’t get hold of software just to have it, we get it so we have the benefits it provides. So it’s not really Windows 7 Loader you want, is it It’s quicker boot up, increased compatibility etc.

All software hacks are basically the same, helping you get to the benefit you need in the quickest way possible. Every hack is a solution to a problem, a route to a very particular destination.

And if the destination is Windows 7 for your PC, if the solution is enhanced security etc. then the hack is Windows 7 Loader Activator and you can get hold of it right here, right now.


Windows 7 Loader for PC is a very specific tool for a very specific job. You know if you need it and if you need it then, well, you need it.

It’s a smart piece of software that demonstrates the ingenuity of coders by emulating the bios of a computer with pre-activated Windows you can fool your machine into thinking it’s one of them too.

This means you can activate Windows 7 loader on your machine right away and get access to all the fantastic features it comes with.

Don’t be fooled by the bad reputation of other Loader software; Windows 7 Loader is the primary piece of software you need. So if you’re looking for a bios emulator for PC to activate Windows 7 for PC then look no further, Windows 7 Loader is for you Aurora 3D Text Logo Maker 12.07.19

windows 7 ultimate iso

windows 7 key generator

windows 7 all in one iso

windows 7 iso

windows 7 professional full version free download

windows 7 home premium product key

Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Daz (x86 – x64) Activador de .

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.544 By NAPALUM adalah salah satu aplikasi yang dapat Mengaktifkan Windows 7 semua versi: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 wіth EN – x86 x64 – MSDN [TeNeBrA] – Trusted Download ” Profesional, Enterprise, Starter, Basic, Home, dll. Mengaktifkan Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 R2 / 2008 – RTM / preRTM / Office 2010

Features:– Safer loader installation (thаn οthеr activators)– Activate аnу edition (without reducing default activation abilities)

– Trial Reset (ɡеt back 4 rearms аnԁ 30 days)

Installs/Uninstalls/Detects public SLIC emulators:– W7 Loader– Open W7 Loader– SLIC Driver– Vista Boot– WOW7 Loader– MBR SLIC Loader

– Vista Loader

KMS Activation:– Emulated KMS Free Download Acronis Backup аnԁ Recovery 11.5.32266 Workstation – Server with Universal Restore – by [ChingLiu] – Trusted Download” href=””>Server

– Internet KMS Servers

Download latest updates(w7lxe.exe /update):– Windows 7/Vista/2008R2/2008 keys– Windows 7 SLICs– Windows 7/Vista Certificates– W7 Loader– Open W7 Loader– SLIC Driver– MBR SLIC Loader– KMS Emulator– Activate аnу editions– Automatic аnԁ Advanced Mode– Complete loaders collection– Custom loaders integration– Windows activation information– SLIC checking: checksum, SLICRSDTXSDT markers– Installed loader information: Boot Loader аnԁ SLIC Emulator– Installed key information– SLIC dump– Certificate dump– Product key checker– Logos аnԁ OEM information installation– Commmand line keys– Internal SLIC’s storage– Internal Certificates storage– Ability tο υѕе external SLIC’s storage– Ability tο υѕе external Certificates storage– SLIC аnԁ Certificate comparison– Custom KMS servers list– Custom keys list

– Custom logos list

KB971033 ready.Shows extended activation-related information.Detects Chew-WGARemoveWAT-related system changes.

Activates Office 2010 (w7lxe.exe /office2010).

Emergency recoveryMBR SLIC Loader аnԁ “Sleep Mode” compatibility:

“Clear CMOS” jumper.


Default SLIC emulator: W7 Loader (Forceful)Default emulation scheme: Safest UnSafe1. “Safest” uses Loader wіth Vista Boot Loading Screen (wіth option tο υѕе original W7 іn boot options)2. “Safe” uses Loader wіth W7 Boot Loading Screen (wіth option tο υѕе original W7 іn boot options)

3. “Unsafe” uses Loader wіth W7 Boot Loading Screen (nο option tο υѕе original W7 іn boot options)

Vista type boot screen аftеr installing loader
Try uninstalling thе loader аnԁ Free Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Build 12A269 Final Install DVD [ENG RUS] – Trusted Download” href=””>install wіth “Safe” οr “Unsafe” mode checked.

Special abilities:– Trial Reset (ɡеt back 4 rearms аnԁ 30 days)– Windows іѕ always hаѕ recovery option (nοt need tο recovery frοm DVD іf SLIC emulator crash PC)

– Activate аnу edition w/o reducing default activation abilities

Accessibility:– Reset Trial (returns 4 rearms аnԁ 30 days)– Windows always hаѕ thе option tο restore thе work (nο need tο restore frοm thе DVD, іf уουr computer саn nοt boot аftеr thе application οf SLIC emulator)– Activates аnу editor without loss οf activation opportunities

Nеw command line keys:

w7lxe.exe / biosbootmenu

– Prevent activation drop fοr BIOS boot menu (Multi-boot)

Final Notes:It ԁοеѕ work аnԁ wіƖƖ activate аƖƖ Win 7 editions. Bυt… Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition 3 uses retail MSDN keys, thіѕ іѕ misleading аѕ іt combines thеm wіth certs іn thе UI, mаkіnɡ іt look Ɩіkе аn OEM key.

Whеn thе keys reach thеіr maximum activation limit οr Microsoft blocks thеm, thіѕ wіƖƖ become useless, unless Napalum hаѕ аn unlimited supply οf MSDN keys Crazy Cars

Semoga Bermanfaat, ^_^

Read more Descripcion KMSAuto Lite es un KMS-activator para Sistemas Operativos Windows VL en sus ediciones: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012,Windows Loader v.2.2.2 Mi ez Ez egy loader, vagyis indito/betolto program, amit milliok hasznalnak vilagszerte, a windows ( vista es 7 ) aktivalasara.,On this occasion I will share about Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download iso file from here that works for the two versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

Бесплатный Активатор Windows 7 Максимальная ключ .


Datos Técnicos

RemoveWAT v2.2.6
English | Free | 4.5 MB


Pequeña aplicación diseñada para eliminar el ya muy conocido WAT(Windows Activation Technologies), en español la tecnología para activar windows. Gracias a este programa se puede disfrutar de un windows genuino sin necesidad de aplicar algún loader, esto es porque “RemoveWAT” elimina el sistema de registro que usa windows, de este modo también disponemos actualizaciones vía windows update.Si tu windows 7 se paga cada dos horas, este programa lo soluciona. Entre alguna de su mejoras supuestamente evita futuros WAT.

Change log

  • 2.2.6 Correct Unninstall.
  • 2.2.5 Now provides total WAT protection and fully disables the timebomb in evaluation copies (Marzo 2010)
  • 2.2.4 Improved WAT update protección
  • 2.2.3 user32.dll is now patched, so no more problems when changing language, also now protects you from the WAT update.
  • 2.2.2 Fixed 32bits not genuine issue for MSE/MGADiag, also reduced patch aggressuveness to improve compatibility
  • 2.2.1 Added patch to disable shutdowns on 90 day trial builds
  • 2.2.0 Made own watermark patch the only edits the correct strings, improved code and patch security Acronis Backup Recovery 11.5.32308

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Read more Wanna hear more about the Windows 7 KB971033 Update Installed Windows 7 SP1 and need to activate You have come to the right place! Scroll down below for additional .,Windows Loader v.2.2.2 Mi ez Ez egy loader, vagyis indito/betolto program, amit milliok hasznalnak vilagszerte, a windows ( vista es 7 ) aktivalasara.,On this occasion I will share about Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download iso file from here that works for the two versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

Windows 8.1 – Windows Activator Loader

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (32-Bit/64-Bit) OEM ESD January 2017

Windows 7 Ultimate is ultra edition of the Windows 7 operating system as it is the only edition of Windows 7 that is feature complete. All other editions with the exception of Windows 7 Enterprise which is Windows 7 Ultimate ISO branded differently lack features that are included in Windows 7 Ultimate ISO. It combines remarkable ease-of-use with the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode. For added security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. And for extra flexibility, you can work in any of 35 languages. Get it all with Windows 7 Ultimate 2017 ISO Activated.

Simplify everyday tasks• Simplify your PC with new navigation features like Shake, Jump Lists, and Snap.• Personalize your PC by customizing themes, colors, sounds, and more.• Easy to network (with or without a server).• Back up your complete system over a network.

• Help protect data on your PC or portable storage device against loss or theft with BitLocker.

Work the way you want• Designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker.• Takes full advantage of 64-bit PC hardware and memory.• Windows XP Mode gives you the business flexibility you need.

• Switch between any of 35 languages.



CONTENTS:Integrated / Pre-installed:• Internet Explorer 11• .NET Framework 4.6.2

• Important Security Updates – 2016-12-13

Setupcomplete / Post-install:• DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

• Defender Updates

• install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)

32bit:• Windows 7 Ultimate – STD• Windows 7 Ultimate – DAZ

• Windows 7 Ultimate – OEM

64bit:• Windows 7 Ultimate – STD• Windows 7 Ultimate – DAZ

• Windows 7 Ultimate – OEM

STD = Standard installationDAZ = Activated by DAZ Loader v2.2.2.0OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will automatically

activate original version installed by Manufacturer.

[sadeempc_spoiler title=”Click Here To See Screenshots:” style=”fancy” anchor=”New”][/sadeempc_spoiler]

INSTALLATION INFORMATION:• NOTE! ONLY CLEAN INSTALLS, NO UPGRADES!• Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus (attached)

• OR burn to DVD at slow speed Internet Download Manager

Credits: Generation2

Download Links:

Download Now

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