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Windows XP Black Edition SP3 ISO 2015

Windows XP Black Edition SP3 ISO 2016 is the world’s most fast operating system. It is suitable for all the computer especially Pentium III PC. It takes less hard disk memory after installation. This advance version is including latest features from Windows XP or before editions. Windows XP Black Edition SP3 ISO Download will improve workflow and performance. You can perform any complex task easy and fast. You will enjoy using fast and speedy PC after installation of this windows in your PC. Windows XP Black Edition SP3 ISO with Key includes advanced and unique start menu bar. It includes more latest games, apps and helping software.

Why users like Windows XP Black Edition ISO 2016

Windows XP Black Edition SP3 Product Key will solve windows activation problem and make your PC fast. This window is supporting all Microsoft Products especial Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. Its latest Internet Explorer will find your data faster from any low-speed servers site. It includes windows firewall protection and latest Windows Media Player. This media player supports all videos and audio files that you want to play. This windows will automatically update files after a short period. It’s colorful themes and latest wallpapers will make your PC desktop attractive. This window is now becoming the most popular operating system for home, office, bank, business, and workstation users.

Windows XP SP3 Black Edition 2016 Review:

Which things make it best than other Windows XP SP3 Editions

Windows XP SP3 Black Edition ISO is including multitasking features. It is the light in the use and doesn’t hang your PC when you are performing multi tasks. Users can install and use latest version software, games, apps, and business programs. Windows XP SP3 activation key is best for different business programs and projects. This windows will protect your data from virus and save data with its windows firewall protection feature. Play PSP games on your PC and enjoy to play. Its advanced Windows customization features will make your PC faster as you demand. It includes hard disk optimization and data fragmentation tools.

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Read more Windows XP ISO Download has its own importance among the latest version of windows. Windows xp is normally used at the personal computers by those peoples,Dell Optiplex (Intel Pentium 3.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Windows 7 Professional) - Certified Reconditioned, New Macs . iPads

FastPictureViewer Codec Pack: PSD CR2 NEF DNG RAW .


This information is valid for all versions of XP x86 (32-bit) running Service Pack 3. XP Pro x64 (64-bit) Service information and Configurations are also online.

Before adjusting your service settings, ensure that you or your system has already installed all updates by “checking now” for any available updates via Windows Update.

I cannot possibly test all configurations extensively (meaning, each persons specific computer needs), but what I can offer is what “works for me” and the obstacles I have came across so you do not have to discover them on your own. If information on this page needs a revision or expanded, please feel free to comment below.

Notes for a Happier Computer and User

  • Do not use “msconfig” to disable services, type “services.msc” in the Run box instead! (Why)
  • Before disabling any service, check out the service information about each by selecting the service name links provided.
  • If you do not wish to select/change each service by hand, I offer up Service Registry files to adjust them with only a few clicks. Currently, “Default” and “Safe” are available.
  • Service settings are global, meaning changes apply to all users.
  • All of these services are “Standard” with Windows XP after the installation of Service Pack 3. If you discover something other than these listed here running, another program installed them or they were installed with optional updates via Windows Update. Examples of this include .NET services and WMP services. View a listing of the more common ones.
  • Still unsure Put your setting to “Manual” or the listing under “Safe.” Manual allows Windows XP to start the service when it needs to (or when ever it feels like it), but not at boot up. Depending on your configuration, not all services will start when required while in “Manual” mode. If you find you need a service, place it in Automatic.
  • After adjusting your service settings, reboot your computer.
  • If you do not have some of these services listed, do not panic! If your computer manufacture “pre-installed” your XP, they choose not to have certain services installed for you. This is, in most cases, a fact with OEM versions of Windows XP Home.
  • Before posting your question in the comments below, see if your question has been addressed in the FAQ!
  • Disabling all of the “unneeded services” reduces the footprint of the OS by up to 70%, depending on system.

Table Header Information

  • The columns are sortable. Select the column header to sort by that field.
  • Display Name ~ How it displays in the Services Control Panel.
  • Service Name ~ What name is used in the registry.
  • DEFAULT ~ What Bill G. thinks should be running on Windows XP.
  • “SAFE” Configuration ~ This is the configuration that 95% of the people will be able to use with little or no side effects. It will also minimize the amount of “errors” that is reported in the Event Viewer. This does not guarantee it will work for you, but if adjusting your services scares you, this configuration would be a good starting point.
  • Tweaked Configuration ~ This is the power user setup. This setup is a system that connects through a network (such as a gateway / router) to the internet, provides file and print sharing resources and gaming enjoyment. Some things may not function with this setup. No passwords save. Its use is not for a computer with analog modems or some direct DSL/cable connections. Try the “Safe” Configuration first.
  • Bare-bones Configuration ~ This is the super geek setup. This setup is a system that connects through a network (such as a gateway / router) to the internet with a static IP address. This system does not provide file and print sharing resources, nor have the ability to print. Its use is not for a computer with analog modems or many direct DSL/cable connections. You can use this configuration for extreme tweaking and testing purposes. Many things may not function with this setup. No passwords save. The Event Log will display “errors” of not being able to start certain services. Built in Windows CDR-RW functions may no longer work. Please do not ask, “How do I fix” questions while using this configuration. The answer will be “Use SAFE.” This information’s intention is for my reference only.

Configuration Information

  • Automatic ~ With a service in this state, it will start at boot time. Some services, when no longer required, will also automatically stop when not needed. However, this is very rare. If you find you do not need a service, place it into Manual or Disabled.
  • Manual ~ Manual mode allows Windows to start a service when needed. However, very few services will start up when required in Manual mode. If you find you need a service, place it into Automatic.
  • Disabled ~ This setting will stop a service from starting, even if needed. Errors in the Event Viewer will show up complaining of that fact. Some services, while Disabled, will constantly complain. However, this situation is taken care of if placed in Manual. The service descriptions identifies those that should be in Manual vice Disabled.
  • “Started” ~ A service that either set to Manual or Automatic that is running by default at or shortly after boot time.
  • “Not Started” ~ A service set into Automatic that is not running by default at or shortly after boot time.

Service Dependency Abbreviation Information

  • H ~ Windows XP Home
  • M ~ Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • P ~ Windows XP Pro
  • T ~ Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

An * (asterisk) indicates changes from the default.

Two ** (asterisks) indicates changes from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3.

Service Name
DEFAULT HomeDEFAULT MCE 2005DEFAULT ProDEFAULT Tablet PC Edition 2005"SAFE"TweakedBare-bones
Application Layer Gateway ServiceALGManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualManualDisabled *
Application ManagementAppMgmtManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Automatic UpdateswuauservAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceBITSManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
COM Event SystemEventSystemManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualManualDisabled *
COM System ApplicationCOMSysAppManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Computer BrowserBrowserAutomatic (Not Started)Automatic (Not Started)Automatic (Not Started)Automatic (Not Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Cryptographic ServicesCryptSvcAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
DCOM Server Process LauncherDcomLaunchAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
DHCP ClientDhcpAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Distributed Link Tracking ClientTrkWksAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Manual *Manual *Disabled *
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMSDTCManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
DNS ClientDnscacheAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Error Reporting ServiceERSvcAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Event LogEventlogAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Extensible Authentication Protocol Service **EapHostManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Fast User Switching CompatibilityFastUserSwitchingCompatibilityManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualDisabled *Disabled *
FaxFaxNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
FTP PublishingMSFtpsvcNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Health Key and Certificate Management Service **hkmsvcManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Help and SupporthelpsvcAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Manual *Disabled *Disabled *
HTTP SSLHTTPFilterManual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualManual (Started)ManualDisabled *Disabled *
Human Interface Device AccessHidServDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabled
IIS AdminIISADMINNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
IMAPI CD-Burning COM ServiceImapiServiceManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Indexing ServicecisvcAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
IPSEC ServicesPolicyAgentAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
IPv6 Helper Service6to4Not InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Logical Disk ManagerdmserverManualAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Manual *Manual *Disabled *
Logical Disk Manager Administrative ServicedmadminManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Media Center Receiver ServiceehRecvrNot AvailableAutomatic (Started)Not AvailableNot AvailableAutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
Media Center Scheduler ServiceehSchedNot AvailableAutomatic (Started)Not AvailableNot AvailableAutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
Message QueuingMSMQNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Message Queuing TriggersMSMQTriggersNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
MHNMHNNot AvailableManualNot AvailableNot AvailableManualDisabled *Disabled *
MS Software Shadow Copy ProviderSwPrvManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Net LogonNetlogonManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
NetMeeting Remote Desktop SharingmnmsrvcManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Network Access Protection Agent **napagentManualManualManualManualManualManualManual
Network ConnectionsNetmanManual (Started)ManualManualManualManualManualManual
Network DDENetDDEDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabled
Network DDE DSDMNetDDEdsdmDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabled
Network Location Awareness (NLA)NlaManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualManualDisabled *
Network Provisioning ServicexmlprovManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
NT LM Security Support ProviderNtLmSspManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Peer Name Resolution ProtocolPNRPSvcNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Peer Networkingp2psvcNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Peer Networking Group Authenticationp2pgasvcNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Peer Networking Identity Managerp2pimsvcNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Performance Logs and AlertsSysmonLogManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Plug and PlayPlugPlayAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Portable Media Serial Number ServiceWmdmPmSNManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Print SpoolerSpoolerAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Protected StorageProtectedStorageAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
QoS RSVPRSVPManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerRasAutoManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Remote Access Connection ManagerRasManManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Remote Desktop Help Session ManagerRDSessMgrManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)RpcSsAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorRpcLocatorManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Remote RegistryRemoteRegistryNot AvailableAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Removable StorageNtmsSvcManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
RIP ListenerIpripNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Routing and Remote AccessRemoteAccessDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabledDisabled
Secondary LogonseclogonAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Security Accounts ManagerSamSsAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Security CenterwscsvcAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
ServerlanmanserverAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Shell Hardware DetectionShellHWDetectionAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)SMTPSVCNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Simple TCP/IP ServicesSimpTcpNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
Smart CardSCardSvrManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
SNMP ServiceSNMPNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
SNMP Trap ServiceSNMPTRAPNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
SSDP Discovery ServiceSSDPSRVManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualDisabled *Disabled *
System Event NotificationSENSAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
System Restore ServicesrserviceAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
Task SchedulerScheduleAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper ServiceLmHostsAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
TCP/IP Printer ServerLPDSVCNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed
TelephonyTapiSrvManualManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
TelnetTlntSvrNot AvailableDisabledManualDisabledDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Terminal ServicesTermServiceManual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)Manual (Started)ManualDisabled *Disabled *
ThemesThemesAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
Uninterruptible Power SupplyUPSManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Universal Plug and Play Device HostupnphostManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Volume Shadow CopyVSSManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
WebClientWebClientAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Windows AudioAudioSrvAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Windows Firewall / Internet Connection SharingSharedAccessAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticDisabled *
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)stisvcManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Windows InstallerMSIServerManualManualManualManualManualManualManual
Windows Management InstrumentationwinmgmtAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Windows Management Instrumentation Driver ExtensionWmiNot AvailableManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *
Windows TimeW32TimeAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *Disabled *
Wired AutoConfig **Dot3svcManualManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *
Wireless Zero ConfigurationWZCSVCAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *Disabled *
WMI Performance AdapterWmiApSrvManualManualManualManualDisabled *Disabled *Disabled *
WorkstationlanmanworkstationAutomatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)Automatic (Started)AutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
World Wide Web Publishingw3svcNot AvailableNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot InstalledNot Installed

An * (asterisk) indicates changes from the default.

Two ** (asterisks) indicates changes from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3 Windows 8 Activator 2013 100%

MDGx Windows XP Essential FREE Upgrades Fixes

Windows XP Professional SP3 is the last release of Microsoft XP with complete support for all the basic needs of a computer. This free download of Windows XP Professional SP3 is standalone bootable ISO image installer. It is a predecessor of Windows Vista.

Overview of Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

Although Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP but still it is widely used across the world because of its fast speed and reliability. It is compatible with all SATA drives with all the basic necessaries a computer system need. Some of the required fixes are also made in this update with many security and network enhancements. Windows XP Professional SP3 has all the preloaded drivers for SATA drives. With older systems, you don’t need to install the drivers for Sound and Graphics card. The user-friendly environment with eye-catching visual styles and effects made it more popular.

More than 1000 fixes are made in this release. All new features including Flash Player 11, and Internet Explorer 8, and Windows Media Player has made this operating system even more interesting. It is based on Windows 2003 Server’s Kernel.

Features of Windows XP Professional SP3

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is a fully loaded release from Microsoft with many improvements. These features and improvements include

  • NX APIs
  • Black hole router
  • SHA-2 Signatures
  • Network Access Protection
  • Group Policy
  • Security Support provider
  • Group policy
  • Imaging Components
  • Background Intelligent transfer
  • Management Console 3.0
  • WPA 2
  • Windows Script 5.7
  • Enhancements in Windows Installer
  • Improved Wireless LAN
  • Powerful and user-friendly
  • Significant update
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Faster user switching
  • Improved Media Center
  • Native support for the ZIP files
  • Support for Microsoft Windows

System Requirements for Windows XP Profesional SP3

Before you download and install Windows XP Professional SP3 make sure that your system meets the given requirements

  • Installed Memory (RAM): Minimum 256MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher
  • Free Hard Drive Space: Minimum 1.5GB for Installation

Free Download Windows XP Profesional SP3 ISO Image

Click the link below to download Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO Image Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Multi

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Windows XP SP3 Free Download Bootable ISO - WebForPC

Windows XP SP3 Free Download Bootable ISO. This is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Genuine iso image (DVD) for 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Windows XP SP3: Product Review:

In the presence of some advance and lucrative Windows based operating systems like, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now the recent release Windows 10, OS enthusiasts may have forgot about Windows XP. But the fact is, there are still huge bulk of XP lovers who have never upgraded to Microsoft’s newest Windows. The reason is simple, simplicity and comprehensiveness. Windows XP SP3 in an edition which already includes SP1 and SP2. Third service pack is all about some fixtures for previous release and some security updates are also considerable. What seems to be more adorable is, lightness in weight, simple look, efficient in performance and above all, support for both 32 bit and 64 bit processors.

There might have been some issues relating OS built-in security but, an Antivirus solution is always there to sort this out. This happens because old operating systems can’t match the power which has introduced by Microsoft Security Essentials or its latest shape Windows Defender. XP Sp3 comes with clean and sleek user interface to manage all your documents, files, media and online activity quite conveniently and safely. Product is well admired for its stability and exceptional performance. However, this release have been put behind the scenes due to its conventional windows startup and lacking advance features. With an improved Microsoft’s console and more secure network access Windows XP Iso for SP3 is still a preferred choice for XP Geeks.

XP SP3 operating system is quite easy to handle and friendly in usage. You don not need to acquire some pro skills to deal, even with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. SATA drivers are also pre-loaded with pack. SO in short if you want to avoid any complexity which you might have experienced in advanced operating systems, while you felt that comfort level with XP usage, then its time to switch back to XP SP3. Consider Visiting what Windows 10 AIO has recently revealed for you Windows 10 All in One ISO.

Windows XP SP3 : Salient Features:

Below we list some of the considerable features of product to sort out what its all about in a glimpse.

  1. Simple interface.
  2. Easy in usage.
  3. Smooth in operations.
  4. A stable release.
  5. Comes with fixtures for many bugs from previous edtions.
  6. More memory support.
  7. Light weight.
  8. Suitable for conventional gaming purpose.
  9. Inclusion of NAP.
  10. Something more…

Windows XP SP3 Product Information:

  1. Product Name: Windows XP SP3.
  2. Category: Operating Systems.
  3. Size: Around 500 MB.
  4. ISO file name: WebForPC.Com_Windows_XP_Professional_SP3.iso.
  5. Developer’s: Microsoft.
  6. License: Freeware.
  7. Updated Here on: 07, December 2015.
  8. Setup Compatibility: 32 bit and 64 bit.
  9. System Requirements: 256 MB RAM, 566 Mhz Processor And 900 MB Disk Space.

How to Download Windows XP SP3:

Click the button below to download 32 bit or 64 bit Windows XP Service Pack 3 just in a single click FL Studio 11 Crack 2013

                                                                        32 Bit

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Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Small-in-One All-in-One .

How is this possible How does it work Some background information:

Windows Vista introduced a brand new and extensible imaging framework called Windows Imaging Component (WIC), enabling far better imaging support at the operating system level than what was available during the Windows XP era. The new operating system came with built-in support for most standard image formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and HD Photo in both Windows Explorer and in the newly introduced Windows Photo Gallery, a built-in application replacing the venerable Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer (together with the outdated Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer add-in) with a much improved, modern and slick photo organizer.

Windows Imaging Component made it possible for 3rd parties to add first-class support for additional image formats to the operating system through plugin components known as "codecs", providing thumbnail views in Explorer, as well as previews and slideshows in Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Photo Viewer and, on Window 7, also within Windows Media Center 7 and Media Player 12, as well as integration with the built-in desktop search engine.

WIC-compliant codecs also enable a number of applications to directly open new file formats, such as for example Microsoft ICE, Sony Creative Software's Vegas Professional or The Panorama Factory, just to name a few. We at FastPictureViewer even created an optional (and experimental) Photoshop Import Plug-in which let older versions of Photoshop (CS, CS2, CS3...) import newer raw files through our codecs (currently with some restrictions), provided that the plug-in is installed as well.

The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack provides what Microsoft calls "platform support" for many additional image formats, beyond what's supported by the Windows Operating System out-of-the-box, including most popular "camera raw" image formats, covering the latest digital cameras on the market. The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack effectively turns Windows 7 and Windows Vista's Explorers into raw image viewers. The Codec Pack also works on Windows XP SP3 with some limitations: thumbnail views are enabled in Windows XP Explorer but separate applications, such as our own FastPictureViewer Professional or Microsoft's Window Live Photo Gallery, are required to open files for previewing and full-size viewing on Windows XP.

On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack goes far beyond providing simple thumbnail functionality by enabling large size viewing in Windows Photo Viewer, Photo Gallery and Windows Media Center 7 and Media Player 12, as well as providing metadata integration with Windows Search (so you can find your images instantly from any Explorer search box!). The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack also enable automatic rotation of JPEG images in the aforementioned applications.

The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack contains 28 different image decoders, or "codecs", at last count, each in 32-bit and 64-bit flavor, supporting 48 image file extensions such as PSD, DNG, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, ORF, SR2, SRW and more, including specialists image formats such as OpenEXR, Radiance HDR, TGA, PNM, DDS and JPEG2000. For example our CR2 codec and NEF codec supports the latest top cameras from Canon and Nikon, respectively, and ships as part our codec pack in both 32-bit and 64-bit form, enabling the broadest compatibility with both the latest cameras and the latest operating system editions. Some of our codecs also take advantage of the latest processor technology, providing previously unheard of raw previewing speed, rivaling (and sometimes exceeding) the usually fast display speed experienced when using the standard JPEG format.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users also get automatic rotation of JPEG images, provided that orientation data was written in the images by the camera. Images containing the EXIF orientation data will be presented in the correct orientation automatically in Windows Explorer. This feature works with thumbnails and previews in Explorer and for large-size viewing in Photo Viewer, Photo Gallery, the Slideshow sidebar gadget and in Windows Media Center 7. Photographers shooting in portrait orientation will instantly appreciate this feature!

Digital cameras owners venturing into "raw shooting" to get the most of their equipment will find the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack a must have essential tool, as it makes raw file handling in Windows Explorer as simple and easy as it is with the JPEG format: quick identification of images straight in Windows Explorer (and standard "Open File" dialogs in most Windows applications), as well as instant search and previews means faster workflow, and since time is money this product fully pays for itself within minutes of use!

In addition to Windows Explorer, a growing number of codec-enabled applications such as our own FastPictureViewer Professional image viewer, Windows Live Photo Gallery from Microsoft, Vegas Professional from Sony Creative Software, among others, "automagically" gain the ability to open new image formats once our decoders are installed. See our FAQ to learn how the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack complements our own FastPictureViewer Professional standalone photographer-oriented image viewer.

When possible, the full metadata is exposed by the codecs so Windows Search can pick up and index your files, gathering information about date taken, camera model, tags etc, enabling Windows' built-in search to locate your pictures from metadata!

Once the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack is installed on your computer, do not miss the Advanced tips for searching in Windows.

We are a Microsoft Registered Partner, and Microsoft refers their customers to this page directly from their own website as we are listed as one of the approved suppliers of Windows-compatible image codecs in the Microsoft Pro Photo Resources section of the website, alongside camera manufacturer like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony (our product goes beyond what camera manufacturer offers in terms of image formats support, 64-bit platform and operating systems compatibility, and speed).

Microsoft Research also lists the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack on the WIC Codecs for Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE) page, where they describe our product as "much faster at decoding CR2 raw images" in their experience.

The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack is listed as Compatible with Windows 8.1 (64-bit and 32-bit) in the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center: you can rest assured that our product is robust and stable, well tested, and performs as advertised (in fact, we guarantee it, see below) Trillian 5 Pro for Windows 5 3 0 12

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