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In World of Winx, Flora works for a new reality talent show called WOW as a talent scout alongside the rest of the Winx. As the six of them scout for talented young people for the show, they are also investigating a string of strange incidents where talented individuals are being kidnapped by someone the Winx have dubbed as "The Talent Thief." Oddly enough, Flora's talent is cooking (possibly referring to how she was often considered as the potions expert of the group), but she is able to bond with a few of the talents due to her caring nature like she does with Naoki and Vincenzo.

In "The Talent Thief," the Winx go about their usual business and manage to scout Annabelle, a shy waitress with a natural talent for singing. The Winx help Annabelle realize her dream of singing for a crowd, but during the night of her performance, many strange things occur: the Winx gain a strange new power and Annabelle suddenly goes missing. Realizing that this newest kidnapping may be the work of the Talent Thief, the Winx decide to focus all of their attention onto finding Annabelle. They end discovering that Annabelle had been taken to the World of Dreams where she is being kept along with the rest of the missing talents and, as they try to rescue Annabelle and the missing talents, their job as talent scouts begins to give them much more unneeded pressure. To make matter worse, the Winx end up being pursued by Evans and Gómez, a pair of detectives who believe that the Winx were responsible for Annabelle's abduction.

Flora reading the plants' feelings.

Flora searching for the Crocodile Man through the assistance of nature.

In "The Monster Under the City," Flora shows how much of a tactician she can be as she is the one who comes up with both of the plans that the Winx end up using to pursue a new enemy known as the Crocodile Man. She is also the one who actively tracks the Crocodile Man (next to Tecna) by channeling the hidden feelings of nearby plants. It is thanks to Flora's clever planning that the Winx are able to keep Naoki safe as well as figure out how the Magic Watch works, even after the Crocodile Man's escape.

Flora modeling Sophie's design.

In the following episode, the Winx travel to Paris in search of a talented stylist named Sophie to protect her from the Crocodile Man. To convince Sophie into starring on WOW, Stella engages in the Couture Challenge, where Flora models Sophie's finished product. Later that night, she and the rest of the Winx (excluding Stella) are made to model Sophie's latest Made in Paris collection to help her kickstart Fashion Week in Paris.

In the following episode, the Winx infiltrate the Paris School of Fashion to crash the Parisian Fashion Week Party being held inside to monitor in imposter masquerading around under Sophie's appearance as the real Sophie was mysteriously taken into the World of Dreams by the Crocodile Man the night before. After uncovering the imposter's identity as a shadow monster, the Winx return to the Parisian Fashion School to scout out and protect Nadine before the monsters can kidnap her. They are successful in defeating the shadows and keeping Nadine safe but, because they had left the camera-drones behind, they are forced into a talent show Ace had put together as payback. For this little contest, Flora is made to dance for the crowd but her nerves overtake her and cause her to try and hide behind her arms.

Vincenzo wins the contest!

In the episode "The Chef Contest," Flora is partnered up with an arrogant chef named Vincenzo alongside Tecna for the Cooking Challenge. She and Tecna have trouble getting through to Vincenzo until he storms off-stage after losing the first round. With Tecna's help, Flora is able to make Vincenzo realize that his dishes are not as perfect as he believed them to be. Once he is ready to listen, she encourages Vincenzo to use ingredients that make him feel positive things as opposed to Tecna's more logical reasoning. It is thanks to their advice that Vincenzo is able to win the Cooking Challenge and he later thanks the two of them by giving them his special rainbow ice cream recipe.

Flora finding Yu's whereabouts through the plants.

In the next episode, "The Shaman," the Winx and Lorelei travel to Beijing in search of a fierce new talent named Yu. During Yu's final match against the modern-day Shaman, she is whisked away in a puff of red smoke, which prompts the Winx to exit the Light Tiger Palace in search of her. To help speed up their search, Flora makes contact with a nearby bush, which shows her a vision of a barely conscious Yu being put to sleep with golden dust as the Shaman calls for a portal into the World of Dreams. Seeing all she needed to, Flora informs the rest of the Winx of her vision and the six of them fly into the forest to stop the Shaman. Unfortunately, they are too late, as Yu had been whisked into the World of Dreams by the time they reach the Shaman, and the Winx are left to combat the mysterious sorcerer.

The Shaman, captured by Flora's vines.

The Winx's battle with the Shaman continues in the next episode, where he is finally captured once Flora binds him to a tree with her vines. With the Shaman now under their mercy, the Winx interrogate the Shaman back at their Winxmobile, where Flora acts as the group's lie detector by looking into the Shaman's eyes to see whether he is lying or telling the truth. Flora confirms that the Shaman had not been lying to them throughout the interrogation, but he was withholding important information. Unfortunately, their interrogation is interrupted by Lorelei trying to enter the Winxmobile and, after a chaotic scuffle, the Winx lose the Shaman. However, they cannot dwell on this, as they experience yet another vision triggered by their Dreamix that leads them to London in search of Madelyn, a young musically-gifted girl. While in London, the Winx are successful in helping Madelyn realize her dream and protecting her from the Shaman. Afterwards, they travel to Santa Monica Beach under Lorelei's lead.

In "Dangerous Waters," the Winx try to relax as they let Lorelei make a fool of herself on live TV, but find themselves incapable of doing so as they are too bummed out by not being able to do so with Bloom, who is still working solo. They are quickly pulled out of their collective funk by Ace, who is much more eccentric than usual, as he has them participate in a treacherous water ski race to Mako Island against a group of five muscle-bound men known as "The Sharks." During the race, The Sharks attack the Winx, revealing themselves to be dangerous pirate ghouls in the process, which forces the Winx to go into their Dreamix to properly defend themselves. Luckily, they are able to beat back the pirate ghouls into fleeing into a portal to the World of Dreams, revealing that they had been sent by the Queen of the World of Dreams, and things only become worse once Lorelei outs them for being fairies, having seen the whole fight play out from a small rowboat. No one believes her claims and Ace promptly fires Lorelei, finally getting her out of the Winx's hair. With nothing else to do and Lorelei gone, the Winx decide to have some beach fun in Santa Monica until their next Dreamix Vision.

In "Shadows on the Snow," the Winx are informed of Bloom's plans to seek out someone who can fix the broken Magic Watch with Jim, a man who they originally thought was the Talent Thief. Though they are reluctant, the Winx ultimately agree to let Bloom go with Jim to Switzerland and, as if by coincidence, experience another one of their Dreamix Visions leading them to find a pigtailed girl in Switzerland as well.

Once in Switzerland, the Winx seek out Silke, a young snowboarder who aspires to become the next snowboarding champ but lacks the skills needed to do so, which leads them to suspect that their Dreamix Vision may have been wrong. However, their doubt is quickly turned into confusion once the Queen's shadow monsters appear from the surrounding forests, clearly targeting Silke. To properly combat them, the Winx lure the shadows back into the forests to transform and, during the fight, Flora, Tecna and Musa are engulfed in a shadow tornado until Stella breaks them out. Once all the shadows have been defeated, the four fairies regroup with Aisha and watch as Silke gets herself disqualified from the International Snowboarding Competition and voted off of WOW. Due to the fact that their Dreamix Vision still led them to her, the Winx cannot bring themselves to simply ditch Silke, and so they begin to pool their efforts into figuring out what her true talent is.

Luckily, thanks to Silke being voted off, the Winx get the chance they have been needing to focus all their energy on rescuing the kidnapped talents as Ace has WOW put on hiatus into the Finals. While Stella remains insistent on ditching Silke, believing her to be talentless, Flora is quick to remind everyone that the Queen still sent her shadow monsters after her, which proves that she has a hidden talent that just was not snowboarding.

After getting a distress call from Bloom on Stella's Winxwatch and witnessing Silke fixing it with ease, the Winx have the young girl lead her up the mountains to her uncle's home. During the trek, the Winx ultimately reveal their identities as fairies to her when Flora saves her from plummeting to her death when the bridge just outside her uncle's home is destroyed in a mysterious cyan explosion. She also uses the same vines she used to rescue Silke as a makeshift bridge so that they could all make it to her uncle's home.

The Winx and Silke being filled in on the events prior to their arrival.

Upon finally reaching the home of Silke's uncle, The Watchmaker, the Winx find that it deserted until Evans and Gómez come out of their hiding place to inform them over Bloom and Jim being ambushed and forced into the World of Dreams by a gang of Zombie Pirates and their leader. At the same time, the girls recover the Magic Watch but find that it had been broken, so Silke lets them all inside the Watchmaker's castle with a spare key to get her uncle to repair it.

After braving the Castle's defense mechanisms before Silke disarmed them, the Watchmaker descends to meet his niece and be introduced to everyone she brought with her. The Winx then present the broken Watch to the Watchmaker to see if he can fix it only to have their hopes dashed when he proclaims that he cannot thanks to its complexity. Luckily, a determined Silke learns how the Watch was constructed, fixes it and hands it back to the Winx who use the repaired Watch to open a portal into the World of Dreams. As the last one to step into the portal, Flora waves goodbye to Silke.

The Winx in the World of Dreams.

In the season finale, "The Fall of the Queen," the Winx find themselves on one of the beaches within the World of Dreams where they are quickly attacked by the Crocodile Man. During the fight, the Winx are able to make him flee into the forests and chase him until they find themselves trapped within a magical labyrinth that adapts to their movements. Upon learning from Tecna's findings that the labyrinth is made up of plant-like organisms, Flora taps into her affinity for plants and nature to communicate with them, during which she is met by the Spirit of the Forest and persuades the Spirit to look inside her heart to see if she is being sincere.

After communicating with this Spirit, Flora relays to the Winx that the labyrinth possesses a fairy-like energy much like their own and suspects that the Queen may have tried to corrupt it once before. She then informs the girls of what she tried to do and soon enough, the Forest Spirit welcomes the Winx, wishes them well on their mission and clears their path by shifting the labyrinth in a way that would lead them directly to where Bloom should be. The girls then head down the path laid out for them to rescue their friend.

Soon enough, the Winx arrive in front of a strange budded tree where they rescue Jim just before he is devoured by the Crocodile Man and promptly combat all the Queen's henchmen. The Winx emerge victorious against the Queen's henchmen and are soon faced by the Queen of the World of Dreams herself. During their fight, the Winx quickly pick up on her ability to steal other people's talents and use them for her own gain as they see her doing just that with Annabelle's voice, Yu's Kung Fu and, ultimately, Bloom's fire magic, which the Queen uses to defeat them. With no strength left to fight back, the Winx are forced to endure the torturous ringing of the Queen's magic bell until Bloom swoops in to save them. As they recover from the bell's ringing, the Winx divert their attention to the talents who are being mysteriously released from their budded prisons.

Afterwards, the Winx return to Earth with all the rescued talents for the WOW Finals now that the Queen and her henchmen have fled.

Flora and Tecna performing.

Starting this season, the Winx no longer work for WOW as talent scouts, but as pop stars instead. They have been rising in fame and popularity during their years touring the world but, unfortunately, with that fame came Venomya, a relentless music critic looking to end their careers, notably through sabotage and disproportionately negative "reviews" of their concerts Windows XP Professional SP3 Iso

Next Winx. Las Winx son las protagonistas principales de la serie, estudiaron en la escuela Alfea hasta graduarse y ahora siguen viviendo en Alfea como invitadas especiales.,Winx Games : Winx Club Dressup, Makeup Winx Club, Winx Club Decoration, Skills Winx Club, Winx Club Makeover games including the game site.,Результаты поиска

Next Joue aux meilleurs jeux de Winx pour les filles, selectionnes par Lilou, Lea et Lee !,Winx Club (en Hispanoamerica El Club Winx durante su emision en Cartoon Network) es una serie de television animada italiana, realizada por los estudios Rainbow S .,Flora is a fairy who hails from Linphea and currently acts as its Guardian Fairy. She is one of the founding members of the Winx Club, being the third Winx girl .

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Les Winx sont des fées qui sont étudiantes à l’école d’Alféa. Elles sont au nombre de six et se nomment Bloom, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Flora et Stella. Dans le monde parallèle de Magix, il existe trois grandes écoles qui se font la guerre. L’une est celle de nos 6 fées, l’autre est celles des sorcières et la dernière n’est composée que de garçons.

Ces derniers s’associent d’ailleurs très souvent aux Winx pour combattre leurs ennemis. Les jeux de Winx passionnent les filles du monde entier, alors comme elles, tu prendras sûrement beaucoup de plaisir en jouant à leurs jeux qui font parti des meilleurs de la catégorie Winx Club. Ainsi, tu pourras les aider à combattre les méchants comme Valtor ou Dakar dans des jeux d’adresse ou bien les aider à trouver de super looks dans des jeux d’habillage ou de coloriage MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL Activator

par Lilou, Lea Lee

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